An 11-year-old boy in TN was pushed into fire by three upper-caste students: A look at a horrible event!

In yet another awful incident that has showcased the influence of caste in the Tamil Nadu schools and how it is diving the students, a government school in Tindivanam, Villupuram district has reported caste-related violence where three students, who belong to the upper caste, had pushed an 11-year-old, who belongs to lower caste, into the fire. The incident has happened days after a student was beaten to death in similar caste-based violence in the Tirunelveli district. 

The Tindivanam police had booked a case against three upper-caste students under the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe Atrocities Act. The 11-year-old boy, who was studying class 6, had suffered serious burn injuries on his body after he was pushed into the fire by three students. The injured student was studying at the Kattuchirivi government school.

The police had said that the 11-year-old boy was incessantly insulted by the three upper-caste boys based on the caste. In the evening hours of Monday, when the boy was on his way to his relative's place, the three upper-caste boys had seen him. They went on to insult him and later pushed him into a bush that was under fire. With the severe injuries, the boy had jumped into a nearby water tank.

When the 11-year-old came home, the parents of the boy were shocked to see him with severe burn injuries and when they inquired him about the injuries, he had told them that he accidentally fell in the bush that had caught fire. He was rushed to the Tindivanam government hospital for further treatments. When the doctors questioned him about the injuries, he had divulged that he was pushed into the fire by three upper-caste boys.

The boy further said that the three upper-caste students had been insulting him based on his caste regularly. After learning that he was pushed into the fire, the boy's father had filed a complaint with the Tindivanam police and based on his complaint, the police had registered a case against the three upper-caste students under section 324 of the IPC and SC/ST atrocities Act.