15 marriages in 10 years: How this Bengaluru conman's duping drama came to an end with his arrest?

For the women who came across the matrimonial profile of 35-year-old Mahesh Nayak, there would be no traces that he is buidling a trap against them. And the trap was as strong as it lasted for ten years until the conman in Nayak came to the light, thanks to his poor English-speaking skills that sparked a suspicion from a woman, who was the latest to fell into the trap.  

Mahesh Nayak is a resident of Banashankari in Bengaluru and he has studied only class 5. But, his matrimonial profile gave him a new world of attracting women as in his profile, he would claim him as a doctor or an engineer in Mysuru district. He disguised his conman identity through these claims and went on to marry 15 women in ten years. 

According to the police, Nayak had married 15 women since 2014 and everytime, he had looted money and jewerly from the bride and fled the spot with no trace to track his whereabouts. The trend continued until Nayak got in deep water when a woman delved his background. It has been reported that a woman software professional had lodged a police complaint against Nayak. 

The software professional was trapped by Nayak last year and she grew suspicious over Nayak's poor spoken English skills and gathered information about him. Though she married him earlier this year and lost money, she lodged a police complaint against Nayak in Mysuru. The police have launched a probe and had eventually apprehended Nayak and put an end to his duping drama. 

The police said that the accused made a fake matrimonial profile and trapped gullible women. To prove him that he is a doctor, he went on to set up a fake clinic in Tumakuru city and hired a nurse. According to The New Indian Express, while probing the case of Nayak, Mysuru police Sub-Inspector Radha said it was a shocker for them to find out that he had married 15 women. 

During the police probe, it came to the revelation that Nayak was in discussions with another nine women who were apparently ready to marry him. The police said that Nayak has five children in total with three of his wives and he also has stolen more than Rs 3 crore from at least three of the women. The accused told police that many women had rejected him for his poor communication skills in English. 

A police officer said, "He doesn't know how to speak English well, and many of the women rejected him because this raised their suspicion. Had this not been the case, the number of his victims would have increased." As Nayak's duping drama has come to an end, the police are advancing their investigations.