'Tamil Nadu Green Movement': You need to know how TN Chief Minister Stalin vitals the Tree Planting

(This article is authored by Alar)

The Green Tamilnadu Movement was launched on Saturday by the state chief minister in an effort to raise the percentage of forest cover in Tamil Nadu from 28.3 to 33 percent, as only 23.98% of Tamil Nadu is covered in greenery, says the National Forest Policy. Inaugurating the event, The Chief Minister addresses the ceremony, reminding everyone that forests shield us from natural disasters like storms and cyclones.

The Tamil Nadu Green Movement, which aims to plant 2.80 lakh saplings, was started by Chief Minister M. K. Stalin on Saturday, at a site run by the forest department close to the Vandalur Zoo. Correspondingly, he went to a public awareness-raising exhibition with showcases on traditional seeds, forests, and trees. Stalin, the chief minister, spoke at the event later.

"The weather has changed to such an extent that it is unpredictable whether rain will always come or not," Stalin said when addressing the occasion. We must never lose sight of the fact that forests shield us from natural disasters like storms and cyclones. The Picharam Alayathi forests were spared from significant damage during Cyclone Gaja, he continued, and it is still important to protect nature even as we strive for growth.

"Hot air blows in many places around the globe. Because we failed to save the trees and the forest, this is what has happened." He said as such. The goal of the Green Tamil Nadu movement is to plant 32 crore saplings annually through this movement in order to reach the 33 percent green cover target within the next ten years.The state currently has only 31,194 sq km of green cover, says the National Forest Policy.