'5 million cases and counting...': India marks the never-wished feat as it braces up the peak of COVID-19!

Amid its fight to curb the COVID-19 global pandemic, India has marked the never-wished feat at the global stage after the country's COVID-19 tally has surpassed five million as the sequel of the exponential rise of cases and fastest growth of infections across its territory. 

India has been setting a state of worrying precedent in the measure and in the global battle of slaying the pandemic as the country has been reporting the sharpest spikes than anywhere else in the world, leaving the people to brace up for the strongest wave of the viral infection. According to the Union Health Ministry, India has reported 90,123 fresh COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours till Wednesday morning 8 am. 

The current reporting has taken the total tally beyond 50 lakh by reporting 50,20,359 positive cases so far. In the last 24 hours, the country had reported 1,290 fresh deaths - the highest single-day rise in deaths since the outbreak and through the highest spike in deaths, India's death toll currently stands at 82,066, whereas 39,42,360 cases have been recovered and discharged so far. 

As per the date of the Health Ministry, India has reported 50,20,359 cases so far of which 9,95,933 are active, 39,42,360 have been discharged, and 82,066 had succumbed to the viral infection. The health ministry notified that of the country's total caseload, 19.84% are active, 78.53% of cases have been recovered, and 1.63% had died of the pandemic. States like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu have more active COVID-19 cases with the sharpest spikes in fresh cases. 

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India has tested 5,94,29,115 samples so far including 11,16,842 samples that were tested in the last 24 hours. At the current state, the growth of infections in India is faster than anywhere else in the world as the cases have been soaring through urban and rural areas of some large and populous states. 

Though the health ministry cited that the death toll is relatively low, compared to the total caseload, the country has been reporting over a thousand deaths consecutively nearly for the past two weeks. 

India is the worst affected country by the pandemic in Asia and the second-worst affected in the world after the United States. India's COVID-19 tally has crossed 20 lakh mark on August 7, while the tally went beyond 30 lakh on August 23, and 40 lakh on September 5, and the country had just taken ten days' time to add one more million to its caseload, which had exemplified the rampant spread of the viral infection. With the current trend that the country is just taking days' time to add millions of new cases, India would likely surpass the tally of the United States by this month-end and become the worst-hit country in the world by the pandemic.