76 Children Found! Super Woman Seema Dhaka made a remarkable record..! 

Delhi: 76 missing children were successfully found in nearly three months. 33-year-old Seema Dhaka, a Delhi police officer made a record! 
Delhi Police Commissioner S N Shrivastava has issued a new incentive-based scheme aiming to expedite the task of diagnosing children. He bestowed promotion to WHC Seema Dhaka on Wednesday, who has become the first police personnel to get an ‘out-of-turn’ promotion for tracing more than 76 children in Delhi and other states. Out of the 76 children, 56 are aged around 7-12. Among these 76 children, the most challenging cases for her was to rescue a minor from West Bengal in October this year.  
Commissioner of Police SN Shrivastava wrote on Twitter, "Women HC Seema Dhaka, PS Samaypur Badli, deserves congratulations for being the first police person to be promoted out of turn for recovering 56 children in 3 months under an incentive scheme. Hats off to fighting spirit and joy brought to families. @LtGovDelhi (sic),"  
“My seniors and team members helped me get this promotion. I am a mother and never want someone to lose their child. We worked round the clock every day on missing reports to rescue children,” said Dhaka.