Actor Vishal is imposed with a fine of Rs 500: Deets here!

Prominent Kollywood actor Vishal has invited a penalty of Rs 500 from the Egmore Court in Chennai for his alleged skipping of the summons that were issued for him with the directive to appear before the Income Tax authorities in the case related to the tax evasion. 

In 2016, the Income Tax authorities had raided Vishal's office and exhumed the documents which revealed the non-payment of tax up to Rs 1 crore. The Income Tax department has filed a case against the actor and the case was being heard by a court that deals with the matter of economic offences and crime. Recently, the department has informed the court that Vishal has been wantonly evading the summons and hasn't appeared for an investigation into the tax evasion. 

The Income Tax department has said that it has issued ten summons for Vishal to appear before the probing authorities. However, he had skipped all the ten summons and the department has divulged to the court that the actor is delaying the investigation with the intention of escaping from the case. After noting the statement from the Income Tax, the court has castigated the actor for not representing the summons and not cooperating with the investigation. 

The Egmore court in Chennai has on Sunday imposed a fine of Rs 500 to Vishal for evading the summons and it has said that the actor can be busy in film shootings but he should respect the summons sent by the authorities and must cooperate with them. The court observed that the actor has a responsibility of respecting the authorities. Under the grounds of skipping the summons, the court has said that the actor's conduct of evading the summons had shown that he is intentionally working to delay the investigation.