From ADMK to AMMK again to ADMK in three months: The weird politics of former TN MLA!

Three months before, ahead of Tamil Nadu assembly polls, then ADMK MLA Rajavarman had proclaimed that even God cannot save the party and the party's leadership had betrayed VK Sasikala. He went on to quit the party and now, after three months, he had found a political shelter in the party that couldn't be saved by God, according to him. Unanticipated events and shocking incidents are typical ingredients of politics but Rajavarman's U-turn drive towards the rival in three months is unprecedented. 

He had shaken his hands with whom he developed feud. Rajavarman and former ADMK Minister Rajendra Balaji had enjoyed separate camps and stronghold in the Virudhunagar district. While Rajendra Balaji was the MLA  of Sivakasi in the previous ADMK regime, Rajavarman was the MLA from Sattur and with the separate strongholds, both the leaders were observing a tussle between them and it had rifted further when the elections had neared in the state. 

Both of them had earlier broken the ties that troubled the party during the election preparations. Both the leaders had held a tug-of-war over controlling the ADMK in the Virudhunagar district. Their tussle was apparent when Rajendra Balaji had avoided Rajavarman and appointed his close ally to a district-level post in the party. Amid such development, Rajavarman was expecting a ticket from the party to re-contest from the Sattur constituency in the 2021 polls. 

However, the ADMK leadership rejected Rajavarman's candidacy and given a ticket to Rajendra Balaji's close-aide Ravichandran to contest in Sattur. Following the rejection, Rajavarman had joined ADMK's rival AMMK in the presence of AMMK Chief TTV Dhinakaran. Hours after joining the AMMK, Dhinakaran had awarded AMMK's ticket for Rajavarman to contest in the Sattur constituency. After getting AMMK's ticket, Rajavarman had vowed to defeat the ADMK in the polls. 

Rajavarman had claimed that the party has rejected the ticket for him due to the influence of Rajendra Balaji. He also bet that Dhinakaran will become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and claimed that many ADMK leaders would join AMMK to teach a lesson to the ADMK's leadership - Edappadi Palaniswami and O Panneerselvam who betrayed Sasikala. ADMK had expelled Rajavarman from the party and by speculating that Rajavarman may trouble his race in Sivakasi, Rajendra Balaji had contested from the Rajapalayam constituency. 

Both the rivals had gone on different sides and parties and both had aimed to defeat each other. However, both Rajavarman and Rajendra Balaji had eventually lost the race to the opposition candidates. Their defeats had given them a big blow to their political career. With accomplishing nothing through their rift, both of them had decided to unite and work for the party in the district. In an unanticipated move, Rajavarman had made a U-turn and joined the ADMK again to find a political shelter. 

File photo: Rajavarman (Left), Rajendra Balaji (Centre), and Edappadi Palaniswami


According to reports, Rajavarman has on Friday officially joined back ADMK by meeting party's joint coordinator Edappadi Palaniswami. Palaniswami had invited Rajavarman, who worked to defeat ADMK in the polls, back into the party. The reports say that Rajendra Balaji was present when Rajavarman had met Edappadi Palaniswami in Chennai. The merger of both the rivals had relished the party cadres in Virudhunagar with having no surety over the validity of re-allegiance of Rajavarman to the ADMK.