'ADMK can't be saved even if Sasikala joins the party': Former ADMK Minister gives a shock to EPS!

Former ADMK Minister has given a major shock to the party through his statements that he made on Wednesday after joining the DMK. Natarajan, who had served as the minister in Jayalalithaa's cabinet, had joined the DMK along with his son on Tuesday and after finding a political shelter in the state ruling party, Natarajan has flayed the current leadership of ADMK and claimed that the party can't be saved even VK Sasikala joins and takes over the realm. 

Natarajan, a native of Ramanathapuram, and his son Anand had joined TTV Dhinakaran's AMMK following the demise of then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalithaa. Anand was the secretary of the AMMK in Ramanathapuram district and after the party's defeat in the recently-held assembly polls, the father and son duo was planning to quit the party and join the DMK. On Wednesday, both of them had officially joined the DMK in Chennai in the presence of DMK President and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin. 

The event has witnessed the joining of hundreds of cadres from various parties across the state to the DMK. Some of the leaders of AMMK including Orathanadu Sekar had also joined with the DMK. After joining the DMK, former ADMK Minister Natarajan has said the ADMK is a broken pot and the party can't be set straight and saved even VK Sasikala joins. Natarajan has castigated Edappadi Palaniswami and said that the former Chief Minister is running the ADMK as a company, not as a political party. 

His comment had stirred shockwaves and furores in the party and it has come when the ADMK has been witnessing tussle and leadership crisis after facing a debacle in the state assembly polls. VK Sasikala has been sketching her plan for making a political resurgence and she has been reaching out to the cadres of ADMK to test their mind over supporting her and to understand the party's situation in their respective districts. 

On Tuesday, an unpredicted event that happened in the Apollo Hospital had stunned the ADMK leaders. ADMK's Presidium Chairman Madhusudhanan has been getting treated at the Apollo Hospital in Greams Road in Chennai. Edappadi Palaniswami had arrived at the hospital to meet Madhusudhanan. However, when he was in the hospital, he got the unexpected news that expelled ADMK General Secretary, and his arch-nemesis VK Sasikala has also arrived at the hospital to visit Madhusudhanan. Shocked to know the arrival of whom he had an allegiance with four years ago, Palaniswami had prepared to leave the hospital when Sasikala was surrounded by the media and her supporters. 

According to reports, the former Chief Minister had prepared to leave the hospital before Sasikala enters the hospital. Palaniswami had used another exit of the hospital to evade any eye-to-eye contact with her rival. Sasikala's arrival was unpredicted and it neither had conveyed to her supporters nor to the hospital administration. To fuel the trouble to the ADMK, Sasikala had erected an ADMK flag in her car, to display that she can't be vanished from the party. 

It was a bolt from the blue moment for Edappadi Palaniswami and when Sasikala arrived at the hospital, Palaniswami, and the leaders who accompanied him, had hurriedly gone from the hospital. The visuals from the hospital were going viral on social media and caused a stir within the party over Sasikala's arrival with the ADMK flag, which irked Edappadi Palaniswami and the party.