After MK Stalin's on-stage demand, the Modi regime has released the GST due to Tamil Nadu!

Days after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has made a scathing demand to the Union government in the presence of Prime Minister Modi in an event in Chennai, the Union government has on Tuesday - May 31 released the GST (Goods and Services Tax) due to the state and along with Tamil Nadu, several states have got the GST dues. 

Tamil Nadu has been locking horns with the Centre over the release of the GST dues, which has been one of the long-time demands that kept the relationship between the centre and the state under fire. After DMK has come to power, it has been urging the Modi government to release the GST due to the state.

Chief Minister MK Stalin and the finance minister had petitioned the Union government over the outstanding GST share.  Last week- on May 26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come to Chennai to inaugurate several projects worth Rs 31,500 crore. He had shared the stage with Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi and Chief Minister MK Stalin.

While addressing the event, MK Stalin has made scathing demands to Modi that had shocked him and gained huge attention. One of the demands from MK Stalin was to release the GST due of over Rs 14,000 crore to the state. While his speech has spurred a fresh dispute between the BJP and DMK in the state, the Modi government has now released the GST due to Tamil Nadu.

According to reports, the Union government has released Rs 9,062 crore on Tuesday and overall, the centre has released Rs 86,912 crore as the GST due across India.