From AIIMS to helping farmers...New promises when existing ones are yet to be kept! It's Modi's 'Tamil' outreach in Madurai!

While AIIMS Madurai still standing under the category of 'promises made', Prime Minister Narendra Modi has on Friday unfolded his rhetoric that the promises made will be kept by the government, if it elected to power again. Tamil Nadu is just four days ahead of the crucial assembly polls and the political leaders are in their final legs of campaigns in the state, which will end on April 4. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has on Thursday arrived in Madurai, Tamil Nadu as part of his Tamil outreach to conduct the campaign rally to seek votes for the BJP-ADMK alliance. He visited Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple on Thursday by wearing the traditional Tamil attire - shirt and dhoti. After offering prayers at the temple, he stayed at the temple city, and on Friday, he took part in the campaign rally that was also attended by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami, Deputy Chief Minister Panneerselvam, and senior ADMK and BJP leaders.

While addressing the rally, the Prime Minister had attacked the DMK and Congress over their politics and policies on various issues like Jallikattu and AIIMS. Taking the prospect to reach Southern Tamil Nadu, he had extended his wishes to the Thevar community. At the rally, the Prime Minister also listed out the developmental and infrastructural projects which the ADMK-BJP alliance will bring to the state if elected to power. 

Prime Minister Modi said, "A vote for NDA (National Democratic Alliance) is a vote for better investment in this region. We are creating the right atmosphere for more industries to come here, especially agro-industries which will help our farmers in value addition". By citing that Food processing is another focus area, Modi said, "We want the youngsters of Tamil Nadu to be job creators. We are supporting new startups as well. The regulatory framework is being liberalized". 

He further said, "I would like to talk about the textile sector, in particular, our government is ensuring more credit and more modern machinery in this sector. We have announced projects to create seven new textile parks in the next three years". The Prime Minister has unveiled a pile of promises while the existing pile is yet to be completed. He assured that the government will bring better metro connections, more rail, and air services to Tamil Nadu. 

He stated, "Madurai is a city that never sleeps. So, I hope the people of Madurai wake up to the political reality and are ready to work for development as promised by NDA". Though the announcement of AIIMS Madurai was made several years ago, the construction of the top hospital in Madurai has been at a slow pace, which stirred massive outrage across Tamil Nadu as the BJP was flayed by the people over its flawed promise of establishing AIIMS in Madurai. On Friday, the rhetorical speech of the Prime Minister had also touched upon AIIMS Madurai. 

During his speech, Modi had assured that the AIIMS project in Madurai will be completed. He said, "The Congress and DMK had mastered the arts of not working and spreading lies about those who work. The classic example is AIIMS, Madurai. In their government, they didn't even think about establishing AIIMS but we are the ones to introduce it. I assure you all these projects will be completed with the proper process". 

The Prime Minister had strongly hit out at the UPA government over its stand on Jallikattu, the traditional bull-taming sport, and said that the UPA had once termed Jallikattu 'cruel' but the NDA government was the one who cleared the ordinance passed by the ADMK government to promulgate the traditional sport. Narendra Modi had started the campaign by wishing people in Tamil and by chanting Vetri Vel Veera Vel and he flayed the DMK and Congress leaders for insulting women. 

By assuring that AIIMS would be established in Madurai to provide quality healthcare for people, the Prime Minister went on to say that DMK and Congress will never guarantee safety or dignity for people and the law and order situation will suffer under them. He also called Madurai the Mafia Den of DMK and added that the DMK- Congress alliance has not understood the ethos of Madurai which teaches important lessons on empowering women. Tamil Nadu will go to the single-phase assembly poll on April 6 and the votes will be counted on May 2, during which the results will be announced.