'Ajith is going to build houses for his fans...': How this conman in TN cheated an ardent Ajith fan?

An ardent fan of actor Ajith, who had perhaps forgotten that the actor doesn't have any fan clubs due a big promise from a conman, was cheated to the tune of Rs 1 lakh and after realizing that his money was swindled, the fan and his family had petition to their District Collector seeking an action against the conman and retrieval of their lost money. 

According to reports, Iyappan is a resident of Vikramasingapuram in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu and he is an ardent fan of Ajith. He is living with his wife Rajeswari and running his family with hard-earned breads. Using his fervence on Ajith, a man named Siva from Thalaiyuthu has planned to cheat Iyappan and plotted a game with the help of the non-existing Ajith fan club. 

Siva got introduced to Iyappan and told him that he is very close to the head of Ajith fan club and that he has contacts with Ajith's manager. Siva went on to say that Ajith is going to build houses for his poor fans at a cost of Rs 15 lakh and work to finalize the fans at every district has begun. Siva further told Iyappan to pay the registration fee in advance and Rs 15 lakh from Ajith will be deposited in their bank account. 

Siva assured that Iyappan will receive the money in some days after paying the registration fee. However, as Iyappan and Rajeswari was not satisfied, Siva brought a man named Sankar and claimed that Sankar is working in the office of Suresh Chandra, who is the official manager for actor Ajith. After seeing Sankar and with the offer that Ajith himself is buidling the houses, Iyappan decided to pay the registration fee to Siva. 

Iyappan and Rajeswari paid Rs 1.10 lakh to Siva to complete the registration. However, after they paid, they didn't get any response from Siva and when the cheated couple tried to reach Siva, he was unreachable and the couple realized they were cheated. They had located Siva's place and asked him to repay the money. But, Siva reportedly gave death threat to Iyappan and Rajeswari as alleged by the couple. 

After being cheated, the couple moved their petition to the Tirunelveli District Collector and sought an immediate action on Siva and retrieval of their money. Iyappan's wife Rajeswari has also appealed to the Collector to provide security to them after death threats from Siva as the family is fighting to get back the money they earned in years and lost in minutes.