All-party meet on Anti-NEET Bill: What's the next move of MK Stalin's govt?

Two days after Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi has returned the anti-NEET Bill, passed by the state government, to the assembly, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has on Saturday - February 5 convened an all-party meet to discuss the next move. The meeting had the presence of the representations of several parties while the BJP and ADMK had boycotted the meeting. 

According to reports, as the next move, MK Stalin's govt will be holding a special assembly session to pass the anti-NEET Bill again and send it back to the Governor and following his consent, the Bill will be moved to the President. The move of holding a special sitting has come as per the collective resolution of all the parties that had attended the meeting. The meeting had lasted for more than an hour and was held under massive attention. 

Following the meeting, Tamil Nadu Health Minister M Subramanian has addressed the reporters during which he said that Speaker M Appavu would issue an official release about the special sitting. He said, "It has been unanimously resolved to hold a special meeting of the state assembly to discuss the views of the Governor and make right arguments and pass the Bill again and send it to the Governor to obtain the consent from the President." 

In his welcome address in the meeting, MK Stalin said that the anti-NEET Bill was passed on September 13, 2021, and the Governor should have sent it to the President, but he failed to perform his constitutional responsibility. He said, "In 2007, the President gave assent to a Bill - that provided admission to professional courses based on the marks in Class 12 examination in 87 days. However, the Governor has kept the Bill to exempt the state from NEET pending for 142 days and returned it for reconsideration after the exams for this year got over and the process of admissions had already begun." 

The Chief Minister further said, "It is regarding the sovereignty of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. The legislative power of the Tamil Nadu assembly is different and that's why we seek the approval of the President." He added that the Governor has returned the Bill before the President could decide. He said to the representatives of all the parties, "We should carry out this struggle for social justice in unity. I urge you all to continue to support the efforts of the Tamil Nadu government."