Alphonse Puthren's gift receives heartfelt acknowledgment from this veteran star! Here's what he said...

(This article is authored by Alar)

Renowned filmmaker Alphonse Puthren recently took to social media to share a deeply personal revelation. He announced that he has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, citing it as a reason for his decision to step away from the world of cinema. Despite this challenging revelation, Puthren displayed resilience by extending a special birthday wish to the legendary actor Kamal Haasan through a heartfelt song.

In response to this touching gesture, Kamal Haasan expressed his gratitude to Alphonse Puthren in a heartfelt voice note. The veteran actor conveyed his happiness upon receiving the special gift from the director. Haasan, appreciating Puthren's musical talent, noted the absence of any hint of dullness in the director's voice in the song.

During the voice note, Kamal Haasan extended his best wishes to Alphonse Puthren, and urged Puthren to prioritize his health, emphasizing the importance of seeing the director back in health and bright. The exchange between Alphonse Puthuren and Kamal Haasan was shared by R Parthiban on social media.

Parthiban wrote that despite Kamal Haasan's busy schedule with film projects, reality shows, and political engagements, he willingly participated in this heartfelt gesture. Parthiban, in his post, expressed the profound impact of Kamal Haasan's gesture on Alphonse Puthren, describing it as a "wordless silence."

He highlighted the significance of a drop of life is conveyed through this musical gift, acting as a tonic for someone facing challenges due to health issues. The director's gratitude was not only conveyed through words but also symbolized by a box shared in appreciation. This touching interaction between two influential figures in the entertainment industry highlights the power of camaraderie and support during challenging times.