'Am I a murderer?': Watch Ajith's hilarious reply to an ardent fan...Video goes super viral!

Spotting actor Ajith in a public place is difficult, getting close to him would be much more difficult, and having him talking to you calmly and hilariously would be once in a blue moon. For an ardent fan, it was a surreal moment when he got close to Ajith, spoke with him, and exchanged words. It appears that Ajith is having an indelible time in Ladakh as along with his passion for bikes, the hilly terrain has fondly embraced him.

Ajith, who is otherwise a reserved person, is currently holidaying in Ladakh and for the past few weeks, every step and stop of the actor had gone viral on social media. From a casual walk to divine moments, Ajith's days in Ladakh had probably given him a good refresher and a treat for his fans. The actor is biking across Ladakh with his team for several days.

His interest in riding a bike needs no introduction and with a passion for travelling across countries on a bike, Ajith is taking a big deal along with his team of bikers whenever he gets time. He is currently in the outing with director H Vinoth for the project that is tentatively titled 'AK 61'. As the movie team is yet to begin the next schedule, Ajith began his schedule of biking in Ladakh.

Recently, the visuals from Ladakh showed that popular actress Manju Warrier was also biking with Ajith and as the actor has been camped in the territory, his manager has been releasing maps where Ajith is travelling on his bike. Now, Ajith's latest video has become the talk of the town for his hilarious response to a fan from Tamil Nadu.

It has been reported that several fans are touring Ladakh to spectacle its beauty and to see their favourite actor. Likewise, here's a fan who spotted Ajith and went close to him and was surprised to get a hilarious reply from the actor. In the visuals, Ajith was seen standing next to his bike with his team during which this fan goes near him and says, "We are searching for you for three days." 

After hearing this, Ajith replies hilariously, "Searching for me. Am I a murderer or a thief?" The fan then says that they were searching for him to meet him. Ajith speaks with them and parallelly he was seen removing his gloves and helmet. The actor then spoke with the fans asking where they came from. The video runs for thirty seconds and several fans are sharing it rampantly and express that Ajith's expressions and voice haven't got aged.