Is Amala Paul banned from entering Kerala temple? Here's what happnened...

(The article is authored by Alar)

The shocking turn of events occurred when Amala Paul, a popular South Indian actress, was barred entry to the Ernakulam Mahadeva Temple. According to  reports, the actress was stopped by Temple authorities as she was a Christian. Amalapal expressed her displeasure with the temple guest book by stating, "Even in 2023, what is this religious discrimination,"

The leading actress was last seen in Malayalam social drama The Teacher. Meanwhile, Amala went to Thiruvairanikulam Mahadeva Temple in Ernakulam, Kerala  on Monday.  However, she was denied darshan by the temple's administration. Authorities justified their ban on non-Hindus by citing centuries-old Hindu temple custom.

Hence Amala Paul stopped on the road to pray at the temple before turning around. Amala wrote in the temple's guestbook about how she felt, despite not having seen the goddess: Although it seemed to her that she had seen, she knew. She wrote, " It is sad and disappointing that there is still religious discrimination in 2023. I could not have darshan of Mother Goddess but I could feel her from a distance,"

"I hope that soon religious discrimination will go away. That time will come and we all will be treated like human beings and not on the basis of religion. Please inform that the administration of the temple is now under the Thiruvairanikulam Mahadeva Temple Trust," It's pertinent to note that the 12-day Nadathurappu festival at Thiruvairanikkulam temple was ended recently.

Temple Trust Secretary Prasoon Kumar said that it is not that Hindu followers of other religions are not coming to the temple. But no one knows that when a celebrity comes there is a lot of controversy. claimed that like Guruvayoor, only Hindus are allowed to visit Thiruvairanikkulam temple. "Many devotees of other religions have come to visit the temple, but no one knows that. However, when a celebrity comes, it becomes controversial," Trust secretary said.