Amazon Prime unveils the trailer of Tamil sitcom 'Time Enna Boss'! What's in it? Watch here

If you are a subscriber of the Amazon Prime, you would be presented with the comedy series soon as the OTT giant has on Tuesday released the trailer of its exclusive release of Tamil comedy series 'Time Enna Boss' and the release would mark a fresh concept on the stage of Tamil cinema. 

Produced by Balachander's Kavithalayaa productions, 'Time Enna Boss', which would be the 10-part show, would be revolving around an IT professional who ought to share his apartment with four time travelers from the past and the future, and all of these fictional characters are get caught in present-day Chennai. As the trailer has been released, it has shown that the series was packed with the growing stars in the Tamil movie industry. 

The series was directed by Subu and the host from 2019 (the present-day) is played by Bharath while Priya Bhavanishankar plays a doctor from the 1970s, whereas Sanjana Sarathy plays a woman from 1895, Robo Shankar plays a warrior from the 10th century, and Karunakaran plays a man who travels from 2075, trying to replicate how humans in 2075 would react while seeing their ancestors. 


Speaking about the series, Pushpa Kandaswamy, the Managing Director of Kavithalayaa said, "The concept of 'Time Enna Boss' is unique and innovative, taking the audiences on a refreshing journey of time travel with lots of laughter, fun and heart-warming moments". 

"Kavithalayaa has managed to rope in some of the top artists from the film industry to provide a delightfully fun show which will happen up people's moods during these unprecedented times. We are confident that the Tamil audiences will enjoy watching the series", Pushpa added. 

The subscribers of Amazon Prime in more than two hundred countries can stream the series from September 18, 2020. Members will be able to watch 'Time Enna Boss' on the Prime Video app through smart TVs, mobile devices, and other services. The members can also download the episodes and they can watch it offline without additional charges. 

This would be the second collaboration between Amazon Prime and Kavithalayaa while the first one being the musical documentary -'Harmony with AR Rahman' which was released exclusively on the OTT platform in 2018. As Kavithalayaa has come with a pretty new concept of uniting time travelers of time periods, Amazon Prime has done the rest of taking it to the hands of audiences as the relishing and comedic series would be entertaining the OTT users from this weekend.