'Ambani, Adani must be worshipped': This BJP MP turns heads through his remarks!

BJP MP from Kerala, KJ Alphons has turned heads through his remarks that Ambani and Adani must be worshipped and respected as they create jobs. Speaking at the Parliament on Thursday, he said that the contribution of industrialists like Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani in creating jobs and making large investments must be recognized.

KJ Alphons was speaking on a Budget debate in the Rajya Sabha over unemployment in the country. He said, "You can accuse me of being a mouthpiece of the capitalists. The people who have created jobs in this country, let me name those people because you have named them. Be it Reliance, be it, Ambani, be it Adani, be it, anybody, they must be worshipped. Yes, because they provide jobs." 

"The people who invest money, Ambani, Adani, every industrialist who creates money in this country create jobs. They need to be respected", Alphons added as his remark has become the talk of the town. He was responding to the allegations from the opposition parties that the rich are growing richer and the BJP government's policies are benefitting corporate companies.

He claimed that amid the pandemic, all key economic indicators showed that the Modi government had steered the country to the path of growth. Alphons further said that while every country honours people who create jobs, the opposition in India believes in shaming them. Hitting at the opposition, the BJP MP said, "You shame them. They must be honoured, they must be recognized." 

According to him, the BJP government has given a purchasing power in the hands of people, to create medical facilities and vaccinate people. By citing that the global inequality is a fact, he said that the wealth of even global corporate leaders like Elon Musk, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates had grown.