Amit Shah shocks ADMK with fresh demand: Will EPS accept it?

Armed with a strong message from Amit Shah ahead of the state assembly polls, the BJP has found a clear time in strengthening its own base in Tamil Nadu by placing a demand to the state ruling ADMK to award more seats for the Central ruling party in the upcoming legislative elections. 

The fresh demand has levied new tension for the ADMK leaders in securing the majority of seats independently in the assembly to form the next government. According to reports close to the developments, the BJP has demanded ADMK to provide 40 assembly seats for the Central ruling party and BJP had also demanded a majority of seats from the Kongu belt, the western districts of the state, where ADMK enjoys a stronghold. 

The ADMK leaders were shocked to learn the demand from BJP which has come at a high time when the state unit of the Central ruling party has been organizing Vetrivel Yatra in the state to consolidate Hindu votes, despite the ADMK government had denied its permission for the campaign and when Union Home Minister Amit Shah had sent a clear message that the party can't be ousted from the state, during his visit to Chennai. 

The reports say that ADMK will less likely accept the demand from the BJP and the state ruling party is planning to award only 25 seats to the BJP for the elections and ADMK is also preparing for a possible rival against the BJP if the latter mulls to occupy ADMK's stronghold in Kongu belt. The fresh spat over the seat-sharing has emerged when BJP has been claiming that the party is emerging as the strongest party in the state. 

The upcoming election will the first legislative election for the ADMK-BJP alliance. Both the parties had formed a coalition in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and the coalition had seen unprecedented defeat in the election and conceded to the opposition DMK. As BJP had secured solid victories in North India with Bihar being recent, the party has packed up its politics to the south with Tamil Nadu being significant for the party. 

With the state is nearing the legislative elections, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has visited Chennai on Saturday, and under the guise of unveiling various infrastructure projects, Amit Shah has unveiled BJP's hope for the state that the party will emerge as the single largest party in the state and form its own government. During the meeting with the party leaders, Amit Shah has urged the party workers to work hard to accomplish BJP's goal of capturing the government in Tamil Nadu and he expressed his confidence that the party would emerge as the single largest party in the state.

The BJP has begun its talks with the ADMK over seat-sharing for the alliance after the leaders from both the parties had asserted that the alliance will continue in the state. As BJP has shocked the ADMK by demanding 40 seats, the state ruling party is preparing to convince the Central ruling party to get settled for 25 seats and the reports say Amit Shah has advised the state unit to come up with the conclusion with the ADMK on the seat-sharing.