Amit Shah to visit Chennai again: What's on the agenda of his second outreach?

Union Home Minister Amit Shah will be setting up a political heat in Tamil Nadu when the state would be celebrating Pongal as he will be visiting Chennai on January 14 for the second time in two months. The Home Minister's visit will come amid the escalating drift in the BJP-ADMK alliance ahead of the assembly polls. 

Though it was spelled to be the visit of attending the anniversary of 'Thuglak' magazine, the major portion of Amit Shah's visit would be covered with his agenda of preparing the party for the assembly polls and fixing the dispute with the ruling ADMK over the CM candidacy. Amit Shah's visit for the second time will hold more importance on his outreach towards emerging victories in the state despite having a weakening state of the party's base. 

According to reports, Amit Shah's visit to Chennai on January 14 was announced on Monday and his second outreach in the city in two months had showcased how the Central ruling party mulls to have a significant breakthrough in the state. Under the prospect of attending Thuglak's anniversary, Amit Shah is expected to bring things under control over the alliance dispute and the reports say that there is a high possibility that the Home Minister will meet Rajinikanth. 

Superstar Rajinikanth had recently announced that he will not enter politics and will not launch the political party owing to his health conditions. The actor was under heavy expectations from his fans and the members of his outfit over his political entry ahead of the assembly polls and he had earlier announced that he will launch the political party by January 2021. However, he was hospitalized due to hypotension in Hyderabad and the doctors had advised him to be on complete bed rest and ensure that he won't involve in the activities that would make him vulnerable to COVID-19. Following the doctors' advice, Rajinikanth has ended his political drama and announced that he will not enter politics. 

According to reports, Amit Shah will more likely meet Rajinikanth in Chennai during his visit and it has been expected that Amit Shah will speak with the actor on his health condition and he will ask Rajinikanth to voice his support to the BJP in the upcoming legislative assembly polls. Thuglak magazine was founded by reputed actor and political activist Cho Ramasamy and it has been currently run by S Gurumurthy, who is an ideologue of BJP- RSS. 

Gurumurthy has been observing a mutual relationship with Amit Shah and Rajinikanth and both the Home Minister and the superstar had shared the stage at the Thuglak anniversary that was held last year. When Rajinikanth announced he will not enter politics, Gurumurthy was one of the first-line leaders who said Rajinikanth would make a political impact. While Rajinikanth's decision had shocked his fans, the BJP is still hopeful that it would get Rajini's voice in favor of the party.

Amit Shah's visit is expected to give a push to the state BJP unit and the Home Minister will also discuss the alliance and seat-sharing with the ADMK party. BJP has been torching a revolt in the ADMK alliance over claiming the CM candidacy and the Central ruling party has been hoping to establish the party's base as a strong contender to the Dravidian parties. The reports say that Amit Shah's visit will also fix the dispute in the alliance. 

While ADMK has announced incumbent Edappadi Palaniswami as the Chief Ministerial candidate, the BJP has been claiming that the Central leadership will be announcing the CM candidate of the alliance by stating that Edappadi Palaniswami is the CM candidate of the ADMK and not of the alliance. As both the parties are boxing each other with just three months away from the elections, the Home Minister would be bringing the agenda of finalizing the alliance, seat-sharing, and addressing the dispute between the allied parties. 

Amit Shah will be arriving in Chennai on January 14 and is expected to stay in the city for two days. The Home Minister had visited Chennai in November 2020, during which the state rulers asserted that the ADMK will contest the polls in the alliance with the BJP. Amit Shah had also attended the party event to review the party's preparedness for the polls. In two months, the Home Minister will visit the city for the second time when a lot of things were changed - from Rajini's backoff to dispute in the alliance. Amit Shah is also expected to unveil his roadshow as the second episode of his outreach to the voters ahead of the elections.