Amit Shah's formula for BJP: Why the Central ruling party thinks Hyderabad polls as crucial?

What Hyderabad is witnessing is the unprecedented political game in the national electoral arena as BJP is mulling to leave no stones unturned on all forms of electoral grounds to establish a stronghold amid weakening opposition and to have a gateway to flag its victory in the state where the party was defeated by the voters in previous elections. 

Having said that, BJP sees to have a breakthrough in every election regardless of its scale and magnitude, and from the top leaders to the local cadres, the Central ruling party has seemingly preached to them that all election matters and they are the tickets to the party to have an unhindered journey in establishing the party's roots. After strongly establishing the victory in Bihar assembly polls, BJP is carry forward the same propaganda in Telangana, not for the assembly polls but for the civic polls of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). 

The GHMC polls are scheduled for December 1 and despite being the local body polls, the BJP has deployed some of the top guns of the party. In first of its kind in recent times, Hyderabad had seen the roadshow and campaigns from Union Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP National President JP Nadda, and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for its local body polls that would neither change the power in the state nor would give BJP a one-shot breakthrough. 

What made the BJP to deploy its giants for the local polls of a city and what the party hopes to cultivate from Hyderabad? The answer lies in Amit Shah's formula of culminating the party from Panchayats to Parliament and putting the party into power at every level of governance. With its motive, the Central ruling party has been unveiling its roadshows at every corner of Hyderabad, turning the local civic polls to resemble a national election. 

Armed with the weakened opposition, the BJP is hoping to leave no stones unturned on the electoral grounds across the country. Amit Shah has rolled out the formula when he was the national president of BJP and ahead of the local body elections in Odisha. For BJP, Odisha is as equal as to competing Leftist in Kerala as the Central ruling party didn't have a stronghold in Odisha's local body as Naveen Patnaik has cemented his presence strongly in the state. 

During the local polls in Odisha, BJP had campaigned in the state through the national leaders including the then Chief Ministers of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand and Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, who belongs to Odisha. With the top guns, the BJP had covered the entire local body units and as an effect, the BJP emerged as a new alternative for the ruling Biju Janata Dal. Out of 853 local seats, BJP had won 297 seats while BJP had ended up with 36 seats in 2012. In five years, BJP had fished 260 local bodies into its boat with a perfect bait. 

With strong roots in the local body ecosystem, the BJP has risen as the strong opposition party in Odisha in the 2019 assembly polls. As Hyderabad is going to host crucial civic body polls, the BJP has rolled out the same Odisha formula in Hyderabad by deploying many top guns of the party for sweeping the power in Hyderabad, which would be the political gateway for the party to South India. Amit Shah had earlier asked the party workers to ensure to work with the view of expanding BJP's footprints and make BJP rule from Panchayat to Parliament. 

The political observers say that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are committed to seed the party in its growth in the areas where it has faltering grounds. They had chalked out the strategy of deploying the top guns and leaders even for the local election with the view of motivating the ground level party workers to work for the elections and to enlarge the party's base. Under his leadership, Amit Shah had designed the party to approach every election with the same scale of importance as the party approaches the polls to win big. 

With Amit Shah's formula of painting saffron at all levels of governance from panchayats to parliament, the BJP sees the corporation election of Hyderabad with the same magnitude, and for the party, winning Hyderabad is winning a ticket to enter the state of Telangana and the rest of south India. While Karnataka is the only South Indian state ruled by BJP, winning Hyderabad polls is significant for them. 

BJP hopes to apparently showcase to the opposition and to the people how it considers every election as important and how it connects with the people. BJP already had a welcoming reception in Telangana as the Central ruling party had won the Dubakka assembly bypoll recently. Dubakka is one of the strongholds of Telangana Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao. BJP has entered Hyderabad with the victory of defeating the ruling TRS party. 

GHMC has 150 seats in and around Hyderabad and in the last election, TRS had won 99 seats while the Muslim outfit of Asaduddin Owaisi had won 44 whereas the remaining seven seats were picked by other parties and independents. About 52 percent of the population living in Hyderabad is Hindu and 44 percent Muslim. One of the important factors of BJP in its propaganda of winning Hyderabad is that the GHMC limits cover 24 assembly constituencies or 20 percent of the 119 seats in the Telangana House. 

BJP has rolled out the poll promises in Hyderabad similar to Bihar including providing free COVID-19 vaccination for the city after the victory. While Amit Shah and JP Nadda had completed their drive in Hyderabad, BJP Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath had conducted a roadshow on Saturday. GHMC is three days ahead of hosting the polls and BJP eyes for a greater victory for its approach of seeing the local polls as the state assembly polls. Speaking to a news agency, BJP National Spokesperson said that the party's basic motive is to fight elections and strengthen the party at the local level and the involvement of senior leaders in the city sends a message that the party is serious about all the elections.