'Is Annamalai ready for this?': PMK President Anbumani wages a staunch attack against TN BJP Chief!

Days after becoming the PMK President, Anbumani Ramadoss has waged a staunch attack against Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai over a slew of issues asking whether the latter would protest against them. Anbumani's remarks have come when he has put PMK into the race of proving the best opposition party in the state. 

After taking the baton of leadership in PMK, Anbumani has been on the drive to reaping a good scale of support for his new venture from across the state. Following what has become a major political elevation in recent times in Tamil Nadu, Anbumani Ramadoss had met several political leaders in the state after becoming the president, when the party has been watering a hope that would win big in the 2026 assembly polls.

Except for observing alliance along with the ADMK, the PMK has not been in supportive terms for BJP in the state and after the transition of leadership in PMK, Anbumani has apparently burst against Annamalai. By claiming that PMK is the true opposition party in Tamil Nadu, Anbumani has asked whether Annamalai is ready to protest against the issue of the Mekedatu project in which Tamil Nadu and BJP-ruling Karnataka have been locking horns for several years. 

He has advocated the Tamil Nadu government observe a smooth relationship with the Governor. Addressing the reporters in Salem on Friday- June 3, Anbumani said, "There should be a smooth relationship between the Tamil Nadu government and the Governor through which there will be a good administration." He said that the BJP is the largest party in India. But it is a small and developing party in Tamil Nadu and it has got 80% of the seats in the local body polls from the Kanyakumari district. 

Anbumani stated that BJP has scored low in the rest of Tamil Nadu and said, "PMK is a true opposition party. Will Annamalai protest against the Mekedatu project in Karnataka? We did. Dr Ramadoss had protested against the project on the Karnakata border with over thousands of vehicles. The Mekedatu project is the biggest curse for Tamil Nadu and we will not allow (Karnataka) to build it. We will protest and we are ready to protest at any lines." 

He further said that how Tamil Nadu BJP will protest against the project as Karnataka and the Centre are being ruled by the BJP. While the Tamil Nadu BJP has already been claiming that it is the opposition party in the state, Anbumani has now vowed that PMK is the true opposition party. Last week, PMK has welcomed Anbumani Ramadoss as the party's chief. He has been serving as the Rajya Sabha MP and the party has a new president after 25 years and Anbumani's predecessor GK Mani has been made honorary president.