Another big treat for Ajith fans: Valimai's 'Whistle' theme is out...Watch this musical blast!

The years' wait has come down to days for the ardent Ajith fans as they are gearing up to relish watching their favourite actor on the big screens after three years during Pongal 2022. Ajith's much-awaited 'Valimai' is getting baked to hit the theatres during the Pongal holidays and ahead of the big festive release, the movie team has gradually been settling the fans to expect a thriller entertainer by releasing glimpses and making videos. In line with that, Valimai's 'Whistle' theme is now on air.

Whistle theme was released on Wednesday - December 22, days after the release of the movie's making, and of course, motivational video, that went rampant on social media. The Whistle theme, which runs for over a minute, has presented an electrifying musical treat to the fans and has now been turning heads from across and beyond the borders. The Whistle theme would captivate you and pour more expectations towards the movie, which would probably have a race-free theatrical release. 

Ajith's magnificent appearance in the Whistle theme is taking fans into agog and it has been going viral on social media. The theme was released on Wednesday noon and within hours of its release, the theme has garnered nearly seven lakh views and over two lakh likes on YouTube and fans enjoy the rocking music and appearance while the movie team enjoys the great reception and hopes it would get multi-folded during the movie release. 

Last week, Valimai's making video was released and earned a massive welcome. The end of the video was the turning point for garnering a massive reception and it was enough for the Ajith fans to admire him for his commitment and hard work. The making video runs for three minutes, which has given a promise of electrifying stunts and thrillers. At the end of the video, actor Ajith can be seen performing a dangerous wheeling stunt on a race bike and he eventually falls down after losing his balance. Seconds after, the video displays a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi with Ajith coming back to the track and finishing the wheeling stunt successfully. 

The video has covered various factors including the Covid-19 lockdown and the desperate wait of fans for an update. The movie team in the video said, "When everything was alright, Covid-19 made our days tougher. We stood alongside everyone hoping for the light. Hoping to live. Hoping to love. Hoping to do what we love. Despite hard times, people kept showering their love. It gave us more strength, hope, and confidence". 

Through the video, the movie team has also thanked Ajith Kumar for his support, hard work, and commitment and after the actor collapses from the race bike during his wheeling stunt, the video has presented a Mahatma Gandhi quote - "We may stumble and fall but shall rise again. It should be enough if we did not run away from the battle". The video had captured shocking moments on how the team reacted after Ajith's mishap and how he got back to action with full grit. 

Within a day of its release, the making video has broken the record of Vijay's Master and Rajamouli's RRR. Valimai is produced by Boney Kapoor under the banner of Bayview Projects and it is directed by H Vinoth, who was well known for directing 'Nerkonda Paarvai' and 'Dheeran: Adhikaram Ondru'. While Ajith plays the lead role, Huma Qureshi, Kartikeya Gummakonda, Gurbani Judge, Yogi Babu, Achyuth Kumar, and Pavel Navageethan will play important roles. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed the music while Nirav Shah and Vijay Velukutty had done cinematography and editing respectively.