Another Caste discrimination in the State...Tamil Nadu Education Department probes the allegation

(This article is authored by Alar)

Days after the saddening case of caste discrimination was alleged in Tenkasi, the same filing has been found in the fashion in Perapatti, Virudhunagar. A parent of a student in the 10th grade from a Scheduled Caste made a complaint, alleging that the student had experienced "extreme discrimination" at the hands of the school administration because of their caste. the state minister says that if the accusations are affirmed, grave actions will be taken on the responsibles.

The headmistress and other teachers were being verbally abused, and they also claimed that caste slurs were being used against them. In the Government High School, Perapatti, the students reportedly claimed that they were made to clean the restrooms. Additionally, the parent of a student in Class 10 filed a complaint with Virudhunagar District Collector J. Megnath Reddy alleging that the boy had been verbally abused by the headmistress of the school.

"The students were being discriminated against in this school. A Class 10 student was forcefully dismissed from school and TC was given. The teachers speak ill of the Scheduled Caste students," the parent of a student told IANS.

School Education Minister, Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, told IANS that they have already sought a report from the Chief Educational Officer, "and if the allegations are found true, stringent action will be taken against those indulging in such activities".

It's worth noting that in the last month of September, Ramachandran alias Murthy and Maheshwaran have both been detained in relation to the incident of a video of a shopkeeper denying snacks to schoolchildren from Scheduled Castes has gone viral. Soon after the video was made public, the shop was closed by district administration officials.