'Appoint Kamal Haasan as Minister': A surprise request from this popular director to MK Stalin!

Popular Malayalam director Alphonse Puthren on Friday took his fans and of course the Tamil people by surprise through his stunning request to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin to appoint Kamal Haasan as a minister. Yes, you read it right! The request, which has come from nowhere, has been going viral on social media as the fans had a jaw-dropping moment when they read his post. 

The request from Puthren has come days after actor-turned-politician Udhayanidhi Stalin, a DMK MLA, was made Minister of Youth Welfare and Sports Development. In his post, Puthren had also made his request of appointing Kamal Haasan as a minister to Udhayanidhi Stalin. Puthren said that if Kamal Haasan has become a minister, cinema will become more flourishing and prosperous. 

In his Facebook post, Alphonse Puthren wrote, "A request to Chief Minister MK Stalin sir and Minister of Youth Welfare and Sports Minister Udhayanidhi Anna...please start or introduce a Minister called Cinema Welfare Minister and appoint Kamal Haasan sir as the CWM (Cinema Welfare Minister). If you do it, cinema will become more flourishing and prosperous. The business of cinema will become 10 times more." 

Puthren further said, "If Business is more, it will benefit the Government and People directly. If your question is why Kamal Haasan, because he is the only person in this world who knows to write screenplays, to produce films, to do make up, the best actor in the world, to sing, to dance, to do mass and class, to direct a film and he is the most patient and tolerant teacher of cinema through his films." 

"He (Kamal Haasan) is a person who has spent most time of his personal and professional life for cinema. So please consider this request for the betterment of cinema and taxes. Let all the children who wish to join cinema learn from the bestest master in the world", Alphonse Puthren added. While his post has been going viral, most of the users have trolled his post. 

Though Kamal Haasan can't be a minister in the current government as he is neither an MLA nor with the DMK party, he observes a good ties with Udhayanidhi Stalin and being the president of Makkal Needhi Maiam, Kamal Haasan is one of the first-in-line leaders who wished Udhayanidhi Stalin after the latter became a minister in his father MK Stalin's cabinet. It must be noted that Kamal Haasan took up to produce a movie starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, but Udhayanidhi, after becoming a minister, announced that he is dropping Kamal Haasan's movie and quitting acting in movies.