Are you in Chennai? This app will help you trace the containment zones in the city!

With the view of ensuring that the people in Chennai stay informed about the containment zones installed in the city limits as the measure to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Greater Chennai Corporation has come with the new feature on its Corona Monitoring mobile application, which was designed to monitor the outbreak in the city. The new feature of "Containment Hotspots" was launched on Tuesday.

The new add-on would let the people check these zones and to be aware. The city's map on the application would now be marked with a pin to indicate the containment zone number and ward. The app currently shows more than 60 areas within the city limits that have been mapped as the containment zones- where the corporation has imposed severe restrictions.

    A Corporation worker surveys a home in Chennai


According to the reports, the five-kilometer radius of the virus-hit patient's house would be marked as a containment zone with having the house as the epicenter. The corporation has divided these containment zones into blocks with having 100 houses in each block. As of April 13th, about 81,94,871 houses have been mapped under the containment zones and this massive grid covers 1.5 crore households in the city.

Health officials have been stationed in these containment zones and they conduct a door-to-door survey which includes collecting the details of the people showing symptoms, elderly people, children, pregnant women, and the people who have been diagnosed with co-morbid conditions and the houses in each block of the zones have been getting monitored by the officials and the measures would continue for next three months. Chennai has been housing the most number of the positive cases in Tamil Nadu as of April 14th. 

A Corporation worker disinfects a home in Chennai as a part of the preventive measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus


The capital has 211 cases currently with the highest numbers in Royapuram (63) which is zone 5 and after Royapuram, Thiru Vi Ka Nagar, which falls under zone 6, stands second with 30 cases while Kodambakkam- zone 10, has 24 cases. The number of cases that had shown symptoms during the door-to-door survey carried out in these zones is 463 in zone 5, 129 - zone 6, and 581 - zone 10. 

So far, zone 8, which covers Anna Nagar, has reported the most number of cases with symptoms. The survey has recorded 659 cases in this zone followed by zone 9 - Teynampet, which has reported 643 cases with the symptoms. Across the city, about 3,886 cases with the symptoms have been recorded across 15 containment zones. Of these 3,886, 3,274 have been recovered while the rest are under follow-up. The people who are asymptomatic for the virus have also been taken into the count. The corporation has appointed 11,678 people so far to carry out the door-to-door survey while the required number of manpower is 12,047.