Are you getting links to use 'WhatsApp Pink'? Beware...It's not what you think!

Are you coming across the recommendations to use WhatsApp Pink? And are you in the mood to get into this new colored messaging system after getting bored of using its signature green? Then, you're making a wrong decision as what is known as WhatsApp Pink is actually a trap that will erase all your data. 

This WhatsApp Pink link is coming with a mask of claiming to be an official update from WhatsApp and it says to the user that the app's theme will be changed into pink from green. The cybersecurity experts have warned users to avoid clicking on any such link, stating that it could lead to hacking of the user's phone and they may lose access to WhatsApp along with all their data on the phone. 

Speaking to a news agency, Cyber Intelligence firm Voyager Infosec director Jiten Jain said that users are strictly advised never to install an APK or mobile app other than those available on the official app store of Google or Apple. Jatin further said, "Such malicious apps can be used to compromise your phone and steal personal data like -photos, SMS, and contacts". 

He added, "Keyboard-based malware can be used to track everything you type. It can be used to capture and steal banking passwords. The current case of Pink WhatsApp or WhatsApp Gold is also a case of malware impersonating as fake WhatsApp feature apps". The reports say that several users were sharing the link of WhatsApp Pink alarming that there are possibilities that the users could have been caught under the trap.  

Cybersecurity expert Rajshekhar Rajaharia took to Twitter and alarmed the WhatsApp users to beware of the virus trap. He said, "Beware of WhatsApp Pink! A virus is being spread in WhatsApp groups with an APK download link. Don't click on any link with the name of #WhatsAppPink. Complete access to your phone will be lost." He further said that only Android users are being affected by the WhatsApp Pink virus. He further appealed to the users to avoid clicking any link which is claiming to change WhatsApp to pink with more features as the data might be hacked. 

Rajaharia had shared the measures on how to be safe including uninstalling WhatsApp Pink if you have installed it. Under the caption of how to be safe from the WhatsApp Pink virus, he had asked the users to immediately uninstalled it and unlink all WhatsApp web devices. He further asked to clear the browser cache from settings and check permission for all apps. He told to the users to repeal the suspicious permission if they have given to any of the applications. 

WhatsApp has been facing backlash in India for its policies and for the emergence of the alternative platform Signal. Responding to the WhatsApp Pink scam, the Facebook-owned messaging app said, "Anyone can get an unusual, uncharacteristic or suspicious message on any service, including email, and anytime that happens, we strongly encourage everyone to use caution before responding or engaging. On WhatsApp in particular, we also recommend that people use the tools that we provide within the app to send us a report, report a contact, or block contact."

It must be noted that earlier, the country's cybersecurity agency CERT-In (Computer Emergency Response Team - India) had alarmed the WhatsApp users about certain vulnerabilities detected in the popular instant messaging application that could lead to a breach of sensitive information. 

It has issued an advisory on Saturday in which it has said, "Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in WhatsApp applications which could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code or access sensitive information on a targeted system". The advisory had urged the users of the application to update the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store or iOS App store to counter the vulnerability threat.