Are you using Google Pay? Beware of this scam...A big warning from TN DGP Sylendra Babu!

Tamil Nadu's Director-General of Police (DGP) Sylendra Babu has taken the users of Google Pay aback through his warning about the latest scam that is being unfolded by the miscreants in the mobile payment service platform. In what appears to be a dreadful scam, the reports say that it is in a fashion where the users can easily be cheated and victimized. 

Making the users vulnerable, this scam would playout with the users' direct involvement, unlike the prevailing scams where the scamsters would swindle the money indirectly. According to the Tamil Nadu DGP,  the users would become prone to the scam if they receive a small amount of money from the unknown numbers. It has been reported that the scamsters would send this money to get it back from you, which is the window of the scam. 

The scamsters would send you a small amount of money through Google Pay. They will then reach out to you and would say that they had sent money by mistake and would plead you to send the money back. If you send the money back, they will hack your bank account and would embezzle a huge sum of money from your account.

The police department has also instructed the users that if they receive money from any unknown contacts, they should not send the money back to the contacts, instead they should approach the nearby police station with the contacts. For those who had really sent the money by mistake, they can approach the police with their original identity proof and can get the money from whom they sent. 

The police pressed that this is the latest scam that is being spread and that the people should beware of it before sending or receiving money from unknown contacts. The users are also advised not to send money to the unknown contacts before confirming their names and refrain from sharing the UPI ID or PIN to such unknown contacts.