An Aspirant's potential and triumphing road to Geneva!

Addressing from the international forums to the World won't be fit in to the easiest and fortunate ways that we thought and taking the podium of the United Nations would be the rarest privileges for the extraordinary dreamers and aspirants with common backgrounds and that rarest rare privilege to take the world stage had knocked the doors of the 21 year old student of Madurai district in Tamil Nadu.

Premalatha, a Madurai based law aspirant is the one who had attained the honor of addressing one of the largest international forums, the United Nations after she has been invited by the UN Human Rights council social forum which would commence from October 1st in its world headquarters, Geneva.



After having been invited, she has been scheduled to address the hall while picturing the documentary - 'A Path of Dignity: The Power of Human Rights Education', a 2012 documentary in which she was featured. The reports say that the Office of High commissioner for Human Rights had produced her documentary.

Speaking about the privilege, Premalatha had said that she will flag the prospect to address about the casteism and how it barricades the equal opportunities for all in our country.



The Social Forum of the United Nations has been one of the concrete corridor to discuss and to held direct interactive dialogues that will be hosted by the Human Rights Council which will encourage the aspirants across the globe to table the potential discussions on a theme chosen by the Council each year.