The Azad innings: After quitting Congress, Ghulam Nabi Azad launches a new political party!

Former Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, who parted ways with the party recently, has pitched on the political field with his new innings that would probably be played against the Congress party. Weeks after ending his five-decade association with the grand old party, Azad launched his new party in Jammu on Monday - September 26.

He has named his party 'Democratic Azad Party' as his striking political game is expected to confer setbacks for the Gandhis given the fact that more Congress cadres in Jammu are aspiring to support Azad, who was the former Chief Minister of the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir. By launching the party, Azad has unveiled the flag of his party in blue, white, and mustard colours. 

Speaking at an event that drew national attention, Azad said, "From today Navratri begins and we also decided to launch our party on this auspicious occasion." Addressing about the party's flag, Azad said that mustard signifies creativity and the birth of a new idea. By citing the colour also represents diversity, he said, "All of India is as diverse as J & K with different religions, geography, and culture."

Stating that the White colour on the flag represents peace, Azad said, "We believe in Gandhiji and therefore peace is our priority and ideal", adding that Blue signifies depth like that of an occasion and height of the sky. He said that the word Azad in the party name represents free and independent thinking and added that the members of the party should be inspirational and join politics for serving the people and not for making a fortune. 

Responding to a question about his time in Congress, Azad cited he didn't want to answer and stated that he will be travelling to Delhi but mostly he will be touring the state and meeting people. He further said that the new party would have a mixture of young and old and asserted that there will be no age bar in the distribution of tickets.  

As he aims to have a political breakthrough in the Jammu and Kashmir assembly polls, Azad said that the next big priority of the party is to get the party registered as the elections can be held anytime. After launching a new party, Azad appealed to the government to reconsider ending the colonial practice of shifting the government to Jammu in Winter as it has an adverse impact on the economy of the region. 

He further said that many industrial units in Kathua and Samba that used to supply goods to Kashmir have been adversely impacted after the abrogation of Article 370. He recalled that when he was the Chief Minister, his government ensured all-round development of the state and claimed that his government was transparent, free of corruption, and also worked double shifts.