Back-to-back bad news for TN BJP: 13 more functionaries quit party as ADMK vs BJP war escalates!

The synonym of closest and caring political alliance between ADMK and BJP is getting eroded as it is apparently visible that the ties are taking tumultuous turns. With the continuous exodus of the party functionaries, the Tamil Nadu BJP unit is in barrage of bad news. While top two leaders of the party quit and joined ADMK earlier this week, more functionaries are following suit and are close to join ADMK. 

In the events that have put BJP state president's Annamalai leadership in trouble, 13 more BJP functionaries have quit the party on Wednesday - March 8, a day after Annamalai's address in which he boasted his leadership and gave a warning to ADMK leader Edappadi Palaniswami. His address had sparked tensions between the alliance and triggered a revolt between the leaders. 

BJP's IT wing has had a huge hit as part of this exodus as the functionaries who defected the party belong to the IT wing, which was once buidling momentum for Annamalai's leadership. When the then IT chief CTR Nirmal Kumar quit the party with scathing charge against Annamalai and joined ADMK, these functionaries are following him to find a new political shelter. The developments sparked a toss that the alliance is at stake.

On Wednesday, Chennai West District Information Technology unit chief Orathi Anbarasu, ten secretaries and two vice presidents of the Chennai West division have quit the party and they will join ADMK in the footsteps of Nirmal Kumar. In his statement, Anbarasu said that an unusual situation has prevailed in the party so far and that several people have contacted him in the past few days. 

"Now, I have to inform everyone about my situation. I have travelled with BJP for many years. Everyone around me knows that party responsibility is only for a few years and I am not a person who is looking for a position. I hope you all know my work. I don't want to fall victim to selfish people who say I am unworthy", Anbarasu added. By affirming that he will not join DMK, he extended his gratitude to the people who came along with him. 

He further cited that he would travel along with CTR Nirmal Kumar. The statement was signed by 13 people including Anbarasu and this league of leaders would join ADMK in the coming days. The exodus has come at a high time when Annamalai has been claiming that the BJP is growing in the state and that the Dravidian parties need people from BJP to grow. Annamalai went on to say that he will lead the party as per his wish and likened himself with iconic leaders like Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa. 

On Tuesday, three BJP functionaries quit the party and officially joined ADMK. While two of these three  joined ADMK by meeting Edappadi Palaniswami, the rest one had joined the party in Thoothukudi. Till Tuesday, about eight BJP functionaries had joined ADMK in three days and if these 13 cadres join ADMK, the tally would soar. Condemning Palaniswami, four BJP functionaries had burned his image in Thoothukudi. 

While the saffron party has been claiming that it is unethical, the ADMK is calling the BJP leaders to have political maturity. ADMK leader D Jayakumar said that everyone in BJP including Annamalai should have political maturity to accept when their party functionaries take a decision to join another party. As the war between ADMK and BJP escalates, Palaniswami is all set to convene a high-level party meeting on Thursday during which he would set the party for the general secretary election and with a staunch backing, Palaniswami, who is now an interim general secretary, would take the role for full time after which he would examine the alliance with BJP.