Back-to-back bomb threats to over forty schools: What's happening in Bengaluru?

At least 44 schools in Bengaluru had faced major disruptions and surveillances in the wake of incessant bomb threats as an unprecedented event had sparked tensions among the students, staff members, and parents. The threats were made on Friday - December 1 and some reports claimed that 68 private schools in different parts of the city received bomb threats through emails. 

The visuals had shown a furore ambience around the schools as parents rushed there to pick up their children amid a bomb scare. The officials had confirmed that while 48 schools under the city limits received the threat mails, twenty schools located in the rural areas of the city had received such mails. Furthermore, it came to revelation that the same email has been sent to the 68 schools. 

Asking the public not to get panicked, Bengaluru Police Commissioner B Dayananda said that the bomb detection and disposal squads were rushed to the schools. While speaking to the reporters, the Commissioner said, "The emails are being examined by the police. Most likely these are hoaxes. Our officials are ready at the schools." 

A part of the threat mail read, "There are explosives devices on the school grounds. You are the enemies of Allah, we will kill you and your children. You have a choice to become our slaves or to accept the true religion of Allah temples. Your idols from Buddha to infinity, they will fly apart from our explosions. We will spread the true religion of Allah to the whole of India. And we sent predators at you. Bismillah, tomorrow it will become the capitol and thousands of Zionists all over the world dead."  

The threat mail further said, "Covert to Islam or die under the weight of the sword of Islam. When you meet with non-believers, you chop off their heads. Chop off their heads and chop off their fingers. Fight all the polythesists just as they fight all of you. Allahu Akbar." The development of back-to-back threat mails to the schools had made national headlines. 

After receiving such mails, the schools had informed to the police and sent the students home as a precaution. According to Deccan Herald, Neev Academy in Sadashivanagar, one of the schools that received the threats, had informed the parents that the school was closed for the day by citing that it had received security threats from unknown sources. 

The school said, "Kids are being sent home as per advise of the bomb squad. Self drop parents are already being asked to take kids back. The academy self drop kids should be picked up from the car parking lot by the parents. The attendance is being checked to ensure that the correct kids go back on each bus. We are also evaluating the threat in the meanwhile, but for safety, kids go home."

By asking the people not to get panicked, the school further said, "Do not ambush the school with calls while all lines are manned and working. Let us keep together and keep things as calm as we can. The staff will take care of the students till every child reaches home safely." 

A senior police officer has said that the email had claimed the presence of explosives within the school premises and after a call from the command centre, the police teams, along with sniffer dogs, were dispatched to the schools situated across various parts of the city. Along with ensuring that the students and staff members were getting evacuated safely, the police teams began the search operations. 

In what could end up as fake bomb threats, the police had reported that no suspicious items have been discovered and it appears to be a hoax message. As the probe is underway to identify the sender of the threats, Karnataka's Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar took stock of the situation and asserted that the police will apprehend the suspect soon.

After visiting the Neev Academy, which is close to his house, Shivakumar told reporters, "I urge the city residents to not panic. The children are safe. Some people want to spread mischief. Within 24 hours, we will try to trap the perpetrator." Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has directed the police officials to carry out a thorough and holistic probe into the bomb threats received by schools.