Back-to-back shocking events in Kerala: A customer spots snake skin in a parotta parcel!

Days after the appalling incident in Kerala where a 16-year-old girl student died after eating Shawarma, the state has reported yet another shocking incident as a customer had found a snake skin in a parotta parcel, which has eventually shut the concerned hotel. The development has come when the authorities of the state government are conducting raids at the eateries across the state to identify and destroy the rotten food products.

According to reports, a hotel in Nedumangad in Thiruvanathapuram has been shut down temporarily by the food safety officials based on a complaint from a customer who spotted the remains of snake skin in her food parcel. A woman named Priya and her daughter bought two parottas on Thursday- May 5 for their lunch from an eatery at Chandamukku. Of two parottas, Priya's daughter ate one and while the former was preparing to eat the second one, she was shocked to see the snake skin on the parcel.

Immediately, she had informed the local police who had then asked her to report the incident to the Food Safety Officials. Based on her information, the sleuths had inspected the concerned hotel in Chandamukku and shut down the eatery temporarily. The incident has caught swift attention across and beyond the state as it has frightened the people and sparked a demand to impose stringent guidelines for the eateries to maintain hygiene in making and in distributing the food.

Speaking to a news agency, Food Safety Officer of Nedumangad Circle Arshitha Basheer has said that the officials had inspected the hotel immediately and found that it has been working in a bad condition. "The kitchen didn't have sufficient lighting and scrap was seen piled outside. The hotel was shut before and it was served with a show-cause notice. Our preliminary finding is that the dead skin was in the newspaper that was used for packing the food. 

Earlier this week, a 16-year-old girl had died after eating Shawarma in an eatery in the Kasaragod district. It was found that the Levantine dish was served with rotten chicken. She was among dozens of people who developed the food-poisoning complications and were admitted to the hospital. The student had died following which the three workers of the concerned eatery were arrested under sections 304 - death by negligence, 308- attempt to commit culpable homicide, and 272- adulteration of the Indian Penal Code. The hotel was also sealed.