Bangalore: How the tech city has turned into a war zone with deep unrest and nightmare?

At least three people have died and 60 policemen injured as the sequel of the unprecedented riots and violent clashes in Bangalore that were stirred by the derogatory social media post, which was uploaded by the relative of the Congress MLA. 

In what has become one of the dreadful riots, the clashes between the rioters and policemen had happened in DJ Halli and KG Halli areas of east Bangalore following the Facebook post uploaded by Naveen, the relative of the Congress legislator, had sparked the unrest and caused major disturbances across the nation as when it woke up on Wednesday, it had seen the city turned into a warzone. 

The mob of nearly a thousand people gathered before the KG Kalli police station and demanded the police to arrest Naveen for uploading the derogatory post of insulting Prophet Mohammed. Hundreds had gathered outside the residence of Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy and started protesting against his relative. The protests soon turned as riots and clashes after the mob started pelting the stones and torching vehicles. 


The unrest prevailed in East Bangalore despite the deployment of the security forces as the areas of KG Halli, DJ Halli, and Pulakeshi Nagar were billowed with smokes. DJ Halli police station was attacked and the premises were torched with fire whereas the residence and vehicles of the Congress MLA were also set ablaze. The police had deployed adequate security mechanisms and used batons and tear gas to disperse the rioters. 

However, they had less improvement in constraining the riots following which they opened fire as the last resort and the shootings had killed at least three people and the riots had injured over 60 policemen. According to Reuters, Bangalore police commissioner Kamal Pant said the mob had burnt vehicles on the road and they attacked the police station. The police had no escape and they had to resort to firing and three people have died. 

Over 110 people have been arrested for rioting and attacking the police. Following the unprecedented riots, the Bangalore Police department had imposed curfew under section 144 in the city. The Police commissioner said that Naveen, who uploaded the offensive post, has been arrested and the post, that went against Prophet Mohammed, had been deleted. According to the reports, the city police stated that it is yet to ascertain the exact reason behind the deaths of three people. 


The police department said that the small strength of members had arrived at Congress MLA Murthy's residence in Kaval Byrasandra at around 8 pm on Tuesday. Following that, hundreds had camped protests outside DJ Halli police station and demanded immediate action against the responsible for the demeaning social media posts. The protests had later got transformed as riots and clashes after the mob attacked the police station. While one group targeted DJ Halli police station, the other group had targeted KG Halli station and the mob had started pelting stones and torching the police vehicles. 

As per the direction from Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai, additional police officers were deployed. The police had opened fire and brought the riots under control and the police had imposed section 144 in the city till 6 am Thursday. The police said that the accused had denied such a post and claimed that his Facebook account was hacked and he was unaware of uploading the derogatory post. 

Home Minister Bommai on Wednesday said that the situation is under control and six more CRPF units have been called to the city from Hyderabad and Chennai and tight the security in Bangalore. Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said that the government will take all measures to punish the guilty. By citing that the directions have been given to the police to initiate strict action against the perpetrators, he stated that the government will not tolerate such provocations and rumors and he appealed to the public to maintain peace. 


Congress MLA Srinivas Murthy, whose nephew Naveen was arrested in the case, had sent a video message in which he appealed for calm. He said, "I request our Muslim friends, let's not fight. Whatever the fight is, we are brothers. Let's teach them a lesson for those who made mistakes through legal means. We will stand with you and I will stand with you. I request our Muslim friends to please remain peaceful".