Batting for BJP: ADMK's Edappadi Palaniswami strongly supports BJP's big national propaganda!

ADMK's Edappadi Palaniswami has overtly come out to bat for the BJP in the latter's big national propaganda - 'One Nation, One Election'. Palaniswami's gesture of giving a hand to BJP's contentious plan has displayed his political equation of getting very close to the central ruling party to gain its support for his battle of taking over the ADMK's leadership amid facing setbacks from the people of Tamil Nadu.

While Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) and O Panneerselvam (OPS) are tussling for years to win the leadership of beleaguered ADMK, both the leaders exhibit their rush to secure the support from the Central BJP's leadership while the latter is also showing no interest to cut the ties with the ADMK owing to the alliance back in Tamil Nadu. As India is just a year ahead of the next Lok Sabha polls, the subject of One Nation, One Election is back in the mind and mouth across the country.

The BJP has, for a long time, been building a nationwide notion in favour of One Nation, One Election and in the process of enacting this unprecedented electoral reform. While Indian states hold assembly polls based on the tenure of the assembly with the Lok Sabha election being the only nationwide poll, the BJP's idea upends the entire electoral fabric and will implement a single election for both the assembly and the parliament.

Had the One Nation, One Election come to exercise, voters will be mandated to cast two votes at once - one for the state assembly and the other for the parliament. While several political parties are opposing it, the BJP regime is not relinquishing its plan and working out to get it done. The loyalists of BJP offer a strong backing by claiming that One Nation, One Election would reduce the cost of elections that take place across the country throughout the year.

Moreover, the Election Commission of India has approved One Nation, One Election policy after which the Union Law Ministry requested the National Law Commission to look into the matter and seek feedback from both political parties and the general public. In line with that, the Law Commission has asked ADMK for its feedback and within days of its letter, ADMK's Edappadi Palaniswami has come out with a strong support for One Nation, One Election policy. 

On December 23, Palaniswami has received a letter from the Law Commission of India in which he was acknowledged as the ADMK's Interim General Secretary- a huge breather for Palaniswami that he has been recognized as the party's interim general secretary amid his elevation was challenged by his rival O Panneerselvam. The Commisison had asked the political parties to send their inputs and feedback about the One Nation, One Election policy before January 16, 2023. 

With the breather that he has been recognized by the Centre as the ADMK's interim general secretary, Palaniswami gave his strong support that One Nation, One Election policy must be implemented. Palaniswami has on Saturday- January 14 sent a reply to the Law Commission of India that ADMK supports One Nation, One Election, only to get slammed by the political leaders in Tamil Nadu. 

While the BJP is architecting this contentious plan, ADMK from Tamil Nadu has come as a pillar of support and apart from these two parties, no major party in Tamil Nadu has left a hint that it's supporting the policy. Sharing the DMK's stand on One Nation, One Election statute, DMK leader RS Bharathi told The New Indian Express that DMK has been opposing the idea and had already raised its voice in Parliament against the single election policy. He further said that the party will raise the issue again in Parliament in the Budget session. 

Tamil Nadu Congress leader Selvaperunthagai has said that the One Nation, One Election policy is against the basic tenets of the Constitution. VCK MP Ravikumar said, "Simultaneous elections will endanger the federal nature of our democracy. In major single election, national issues would overshadow regional issues. Smaller parties fighting for the rights of marginalized people and state parties promoting state interests will be sidelined. This will hinder the growth of democracy at the grassroots level. 

CPM state secretary Balakrishnan told The New Indian Express that One Nation, One Election is against democratic norms. By citing that it is the ideology of RSS, Balakrishnan said, "Each state government in India has linguistic and racial identities. So, such an idea cannot be possible in our country." While most of the parties in Tamil Nadu are against this BJP's propaganda, ADMK's support has kept the party isolated amid being the only party in the state to get caught in unprecedented political chaos and crisis.