Battling heavy rains with cars: Chennaiites find a new way to save their cars from inundation!

Chennai is known for flyovers...From Gemini flyover to Kathipara, these above-head roadways play an important role in the city's transportation and they carry lakhs of vehicles per day. However, it is becoming obvious that these flyovers are turning out to be known for being a parking bay when the city is witnessing heavy downpours. Chennaiites are now seemingly sparing no flyover in the city as they found and expanded the new way of parking their cars.

Whenever there is rain in Chennai, several parts of the city suffer inundation and the residents would brace up massive disruption. As the month of November has brought a historical spell of rainfall, several residents around Velachery, which is one of the low lying areas, had begun parking their cars on a nearby flyover to avoid waterlogging, which would pour more risk. This new parking bay has become the talk of the town during the previous spells of rainfall earlier this month. 

As the city has been issued with a fresh warning of heavy rainfall in the coming days, the residents in T Nagar have started parking their vehicles on the GN Chetty Road flyover. In the recent rainfall, parts of T Nagar were heavily inundated for more than a week and now, they follow the Velachery model of parking their cars on the flyovers. Some of the residents have told a news agency that they park their vehicle on the flyover to avoid risk, even if it rains for an hour. 

Police have said that some of them park their vehicles the previous night after checking the weather forecast and this has also slowed down the traffic on the stretch. One of the residents has said that the waterlogging was quite scary and disturbing this time and they began parking their cars on the flyovers. Another resident said that they cannot spend sleepless nights thinking about the rain and their car and with the view of avoiding risk, they have felt that it is better to park their cars on flyovers. 

A traffic police official has said that the department is not blocking the residents from parking their cars on flyovers as they won't cause traffic. However, there were some incidents where they fought for space. The historical rainfall has brought back the memories of the 2015 floods and a resident of T Nagar has said that the current rainfall was not like 2015 and this time, their area was completely inundated and vehicles are getting submerged in the water. 

As heavy rainfall warning has been spelt to Chennai and several parts of the state, the residents who own a car are battling the rains to save their cars. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a series of warnings for various parts of the state. It has been predicted that Chennai will receive heavy rainfall on Thursday - November 25, during which a yellow warning was issued. Heavy rainfall is also expected to occur on November 26 due to which the IMD had issued an orange warning for Chennai and its adjacent districts.

Earlier, Chennai and several parts of Tamil Nadu were issued with a warning of heavy rainfall during the Diwali weekend and on November 18, for the second time. The recent warning of heavy rainfall on November 25 has become the third one in a month and the reports say the recent warnings were issued following the possibility of the formation of a low-pressure area and a cyclonic circulation over the southeast Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood extending up to 3.1 km above mean sea level.