Be prepared and ready: Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu orders TN police officers!

Tamil Nadu Director-General of Police (DGP) C Sylendra Babu has passed a major direction to the state law enforcement agency that the police officers should be prepared and ready for the back-to-back tough grounds as the state is heading towards some important days and events, which would warrant a heavy stationing of the police force. 

According to our sources, Sylendra Babu's order applies to the entire police force including the armed force department. Tamil Nadu will be witnessing a slew of celebrations in the coming days and months. Besides festivals like Diwali, the state will host events including the birth and death anniversaries of religious and caste leaders and since these events are sensitive and are susceptible to untoward incidents, the DGP has ordered the police force to be prepared for such events. 

Sylendra Babu stressed it is imperative that the police force must be in front to provide security for the events and counter any untoward incidents. His direction has come at a high time when the image of the Tamil Nadu Police, under his leadership, has got a major blow over a few recent incidents including custodial deaths. 

Recently, Sylendra Babu has, with the view of strengthening the new entrants, instructed senior police officers to train the 81 directly recruited Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSP) to become tough and fit officers. These DSPs have been posted across the state and in his letter to all the SPs, Sylendra Babu said that 81 young DSPs, of which half are women, joining the Tamil Nadu police was the largest number ever. The league of young officers has professionals with many engineering graduates. 

According to The Hindu, Sylendra Babu instructed the SPs by stating, "Such a large number of young officers taking charge of police sub-divisions at one time is happening for the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu Police. Help them to plan the work and work the plan in order to realise the goals of the department and of their own life." The DGP further urged the SPs to take the DSPs to crime scenes and sensitise them to deal with such situations.