In Bengal, its now Amit Shah vs Mamata: How the attack on JP Nadda's convoy fueled fresh tensions?

Powered by the attack on BJP National President JP Nadda's convoy in West Bengal, Union Home Minister and Nadda's predecessor Amit Shah has now directly come to the battlefield against Mamata Banerjee as the already heated rivalry has been fueled by the attack on Nadda, which has come at a high time when the state is ahead of the assembly polls. 

West Bengal polls are crucial for the Central ruling party as, while the party had strongly established its base in seven sisters of the North-east, the party hopes to paint saffron on the east and armed by the back to back victories in Bihar assembly polls and Hyderabad civic polls, the BJP has now packed its agenda to West Bengal to oust Mamata's regime from the state. Bengal election is gaining more importance across the nation as it would be the acid tests for both the state and central ruling parties amid opposition's bid to deliver a perfect show.

BJP has launched its campaign in the state when it has been filled with allegations at the Center over its pro-privatization drive, lack of strong fixation policies to repair the ailing economy, and its handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. The leaders of the Central ruling party have been touring the state for the campaign and on Thursday, BJP National President JP Nadda had visited the state and he was on his way to Diamond Harbour to address the meeting of party workers. However, when Nadda's motorcade was traveling towards the destination, Nadda's convoy came under attack as stones were thrown at the cars in his convoy, which had injured some of the BJP leaders. 

Being pushed to brace up for the unprecedented attack, the BJP leaders had alleged that the supporters of Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress had attacked the convoy and injured the party leaders. The glasses of some of the cars were broken as the sequel of the attack and the reports say that Nadda hadn't suffered injuries as he was traveling on the bulletproof car. As the sudden attack on the convoy of BJP National President had stirred a nationwide outrage, Nadda had spilled his anger against the ruling TMC party and said that the attack was unprecedented and he alleged that the state had got into complete lawlessness and goonda raj. 

In a press conference, JP Nadda said, "Today's attack on my convoy speaks a lot about the mentality of Mamata Banerjee and her TMC". According to reports, the car attack had injured several BJP leaders including party's general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya. Nadda was traveling to Diamond Harbor, which has been represented by Mamata Banerjee's nephew Abhishek Banerjee in the Lok Sabha. The BJP workers at the spot had said that several TMC workers, some carrying sticks, iron rods, and bricks had blocked the road with motorcycles. 

They raised slogans against BJP and when Nadda's convoy tried to move past the crowd, they attacked the convoy with sticks and iron rods and smashed windscreens and window panes. Vijayvargiya and party Vice President Mukul Roy were injured in the hand and the state police had suppressed the protesters and let Nadda reach the venue to address the party workers. After reaching the venue, JP Nadda said, "If I have reached here for the meeting, it is due to Maa Durga's grace and I can imagine how difficult it is for common party workers in Bengal". 

By citing that the state is filled with complete lawlessness and goonda raj, Nadda stated, "We have to defeat this goonda raj and we will and the state has reached a new low under the misrule of the TMC government. Mukul Roy and Vijayvargiya were injured in the attack today. It is a matter of shame for democracy. This state of lawlessness and intolerance in West Bengal has to end". State BJP President Dilip Ghost had alleged that under the TMC, Bengal has turned into Syria. 

As the attack had stirred national outrage, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has come into the picture with the new battle against Mamata Banerjee. Amit Shah had staunchly reacted against the attack in Bengal. By taking to Twitter, the Union Home Minister said, "Bengal has descended into an era of tyranny, anarchy, and darkness under the Trinamool rule. The manner in which political violence has been institutionalized and brought to the extreme in West Bengal under TMC rule is sad and worrying". West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar has also voiced against the attack and said that the attackers had immunity and protection of political police with administration extension of the political outfit". 

According to reports, signaling that he is into the battle, Home Minister Amit Shah had directly ordered an investigation into the attack on BJP Chief JP Nadda's convoy in West Bengal. The Home Minister had sought a report from the Governor on the condition of law and order in the state and the Union Home Ministry has directed the West Bengal government to disclose two reports over the unprecedented attack and over the serious security lapses. The attack had triggered a war of words between Amit Shah and Mamata Banerjee as both are mulling to win the upcoming assembly polls. 

According to a news agency, Amit Shah is likely to tour West Bengal on December 19 and 20 to attend the party programmes ahead of the elections. The visit would be getting unfolded at a high time when the state has been witnessing the fresh scale of rivalry between two parties over the attack on JP Nadda. On the other hand, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who is centered on the outrage from BJP, had denied the involvement of her party in the attack. 

While speaking in Kolkata, the TMC chief said, "BJP workers are coming out for rallies with firearms every day. They are slapping themselves and blaming it on the Trinamool Congress. Just think the situation, they are roaming around with the BSF, CRPF, CISF, and Army and why are they scared". "They (BJP) have no other work. Sometimes the home minister is here, other times its Chaddha, Nadda, Fadda, Bhaddha - all are here. When they have no audience, they call their workers for doing drama", Mamata added as she prepares for the battle against the BJP. With mutual allegations, the BJP workers across the country have been protesting against Mamata as both the rivals are preparing for crucial elections.