The best of luck: Meet these eleven women sanitation workers of Kerala who won Rs 10 crore bumper lottery!

For a group of eleven women municipality workers in Kerala, the luck has done its best as they are on cloud nine after winning Rs 10 crore bumper lottery. These women had jointly won Rs 10 crore state government's  monsoon bumper lottery this year. However, they have decided to avoid spotlights and to continue their regular job as the sanitation workers. 

The women still can't able to believe that their hope bore a fruit and poured a rain of money on them. These eleven women were part of the Haritha Karma Sena, the green force of the Parappanangadi municipality in Malappuram district of Kerala and this Haritha Karma mission is an initiative for a garbage-free Kerala and is into a task of collecting non-biodegradable waste from houses and establishments to shredding units for recycling. 

The women had jointly bought Rs 250 ticket and while speaking to reporters, one of the women said, "We have bought tickets earlier too by pooling and borrowing money from others. But, this is the first time we have won a huge amount. It is still unbelievable." Initially, the women had learned that the ticket from Palakkad had won the first prize and later, it was officially announced that they were the winners. 

Despite winning the bumper lottery of Rs 10 crore, the women had decided to carry out their tasks in the civic body. "We have not decided yet what to do with the money. Each of us have our own personal financial difficulties. We have been doing this work for sometime now and it has helped us run our families. We will not leave our jobs. We will continue to work here", one of the women told reporters.

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Speaking about the women hitting a jackpot, Sheeja, the chairman of Haritha Karma Sena consortium at the Municipality said, "Many (of these eleven women) have debts to pay, have daughters to marry off or have to meet the treatment expenditure. They are living in very humble households fighting harsh realities of life." By citing that these women were the only breadwinners for their families, Sheeja said that they are hard workers. 

Amid rejoicing, another woman said that the money that they won will bring a relief to solve their problems. According to reports, the winning ticket MB200261 was submitted at the Punjab National Bank branch in Parappanagadi and the amount will be deposited in one of the winner's accounts after making appropriate deductions of tax and agency commission.