Biden Broccoli and Trump Tandoori: The delicious meals on the menu for G20 leaders go viral!

The symposium of the world leaders from every direction for the G20 summit would not only spark attention on their meetings and discussions, but it would also naturally trigger the curiosity about the feast that would be served for them. As India is currently hosting the G20 summit in its capital New Delhi for two days - September 9 and 10, no one can refrain their keenness to know what would on the platters of the world leaders.

Besides offering traditional welcome to the world leaders who arrived for the summit, India also had some surprise meals on their menu and those dishes had also surprised the domestic audience. Some of the favourite dishes of Indian cuisine were named after the leaders and the menu, that has been in the public domain, has been going viral. Interestingly, the G20 leaders would be tasting millets and Indian street food in their feast. 

The G20 Summit platters include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. According to reports, ITC Hotels is catering for the two-day summit and dinner will include starters like paatram - millet leaf crisps topped with dahi and chutney and the main course will have dishes like jackfruit galette with glazed forest mushroom, millet and Kerala red rice and breads including Mumbai pao. 

What caught the eyes in the vegetarian platter is 'Biden Tandoori Malai Broccoli' as it carried the name of the US President Joe Biden. On the other hand, in the non-vegetarian menu, the leaders would come across a dish named 'Trump Half-Tandoor Chicken' as it has the name of the former US President Donald Trump. Adding to the list is a dish called Modian Jimikand, which is part of the vegetarian platter. 

And not just those, the menu also carries catchy names like 'One Earth Hara Kebab', 'G20 Agenga Murgh Kastoori', 'Sherpa Paneer Tikka', 'Economy Kasundi Mahi Tikka', and 'Hi Stake Meeting of Tandoori Lobster'.  It has been reported that it is not the menu for Heads of States at the Presidential Dinner, which will be hosted by the President at the G20 summit venue in Bharat Mandapam, and this is for G20 foreign delegates who are at Bharat Mandapam. 

The menu has sparked quick and hilarious reactions from netizens, and indeed there were a few criticisms for such names. An user wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), "My country is hosting the G20 summit this year and the government has already embarassed the country with these ridiculous names for the menu platters." Another used asked, "Now what on earth is Biden tandoori and modian jimikand." 

Bengali film actress and All India Trinamool Congress leader Saayoni Ghosh shared pictures of both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu and termed them 'idotic' and 'laughable', while another user wrote, "This marks the beginning of a new (savoury) era in India-US relations!."