Big question answered: What happens if rain plays spoilsport in the reserve day final of CSK vs GT today?

For the first time in the 16-series IPL history, the final match of the current season has been pushed to be played out in a reserve day, thanks to the incessant downpour that played a spoilsport in Ahmedabad, deferring the final match that was scheduled to be held on Sunday - May 28 at Narendra Modi Stadium. The final contenders are defending champions Gujarat Titans (GT) and four-time champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK). 

On Sunday, the arena was inundated by a sea of people but later, it was also inundated by rainfall and amidst great expectations from the crores of fans on when the match would start, the final was eventually called off with rain's intensity was on a good flow. The fans went disappointed, yet they aren't in the position to miss a live action as the final between CSK and GT will be held on Monday - May 29. 

While the ceremony for the final was scheduled to be held at 6 pm on Sunday ahead of live action, the rainfall marred the plans and caused heavy delays on the field. The downpour deferred the toss and there was a prolong postponement. The rain was in good form and it was reported that the final would begin at 9.35 pm with an interval of thirty minutes. However, the downpour kept conferring twists and eventually, the final match was called off at around 11 pm. 

There were also plans that if the ground resume its operations, the final would have reduced to five overs each. But, nothing worked out and as the final was suspended on Sunday, it was officially announced that the final will be held on a reserve day on Monday - May 29 at 7.30 pm at Ahmedabad. Notably, it is the first time in IPL history that the final will be held in the reserve day. 

As the final has been deferred, the IPL has officially issued guidelines to the fans who are going to re-attend the final on Monday. As per the guidelines, there will be no entry without physical tickets. So, if the fans have complete ticket intact or complete ticket with all torn pieces, or physical tickets will all important details mentioned will be allowed to enter the stadium to watch the finals. 

However, if the fans have part ticket with no details or incomplete details or they only have digital ticket, they will not be allowed into the stadium. Reacting to the match deferment due to rain, GT skipper Hardik Pandya took to Twitter and wrote, "Unfortunately, the match could not take place but look forward to a full house tomorrow. See you then!" Pandya has expressed what has been voiced out by millions of fans. But they also have a big question that needs to be answered - What will happen if the rainfall continues to be a spoilsport on the reserve day final on Monday? 

Explaining the possible scenarios if there would be incessant downpour on Monday, cricket analyst Harsha Bhogle took to Twitter and wrote, "Hopefully, full game tomorrow. In the unlikely situation that we can't get even a 5 overs a side game, there will be a super over. If even that is not possible, the team that finished higher at the end of the league stage is declared the winner." So, if that happens, Gujarat Titans, which finished the league at the top of the table, will be awarded the trophy against Chennai Super Kings, that finished second in the league stage. 

Possible scenarios if rain interrupts the final on Monday

  • The cut-off for a full 20-over game to take place at 9.35 PM, after which the overs will get reduced. 
  • The cut-off time for a 5-over match is 12.06 am on Tuesday - May 30. 
  • A Super Over will be held if a 5-over match isn't held and the Super Over will commence at 12.50 am. 
  • If no such scenarios are bearing fruits, Gujarat Titans will be declared as the Champions of IPL 2023 based on their top rating in the league stage. GT won ten matches in the league and got 20 points while CSK finished second with 17 points. 
  • GT will then defend the title of 'defending champions' and they will win the trophy for the second consecutive time. 

The Weather forecast

It has been reported that the final on the reserve day will largely be held as per its course. According to AccuWeather, the weather in Ahmedabad will remain sunny in the morning and as the day progresses, the city will become cloudy and it is expected that the clouds would get cleared by 7 pm. While there is a prediction of thunderstorm around 5 pm, it is less likely that rain will twist the tale and we can expect that there will be a complete live action on Monday.