Big shock for YG Madhuvanthi: Why the authorities had sealed her house in Chennai?

A video clip was going viral on social media and the footage has shown a woman pleading to dappered men not to seal her house and assures them that she would repay the debt. While the men were from a private finance company, the woman was YG Madhuvanthi, a popular face in Tamil Nadu, who is a member of the executive committee of the BJP. 

Madhuvanthi is the daughter of veteran actor YG Mahendran and she was heard requesting the officers not to seize her house for the outstanding debt. The video has caught major attention and despite Madhuvanthi denies that her house was sealed, the reports close to the development say that she had braced up a big shock after the officials had sealed her house. 

It has been reported that Madhuvanthi has been facing a debt of over one crore to a finance company in Chennai and in the albeit of several notices to pay the due, she had evaded them and hasn't given a proper response post which she had invited trouble of losing control over her house. Madhuvanthi bought this flat, which sits in Asiana Apartments in Alwarpet, Chennai. 

She had been residing in his apartment for the past few years and with the view of acquiring this flat, Madhuvanthi had bought a loan of Rs 1 crore from Indhuja Finance company in 2016. Though she had paid interest initially, she, later on, failed to keep up her instalments and the debtor has sent notices to her. However, the reports say she Madhuvanthi had evaded the notices and as a final attempt, the company has sent notice to Madhuvanthi demanding her to pay Rs 1,21,30,867, which includes interest. 

Madhuvanthi didn't give a proper response to the notice after which the company has approached Allikulam court in Periyamet, Chennai, and her. After hearing the matter, the court has directed to seal Madhuvanthi's house and hand it over to Indhuja finance. As per the directive, the authorities had stormed Madhuvanthi's residence and carried out the measure to seal the residence. 

It was during that sealing event when Madhuvanthi was seen pleading, in the video, to the officials not to seal her house. One of the officials can be heard saying, "I'm helpless in this" as Madhuvanthi appeals for more time to repay the loan. Amid the circulation of the video, Mathuvanthi, while responding to some media persons, has denied any such incident. By citing that the information has been fake, she maintained that the authorities didn't seal her house.