Big warning for Google Chrome users from the Indian govt: Why and what you should do!

As the sequel of several vulnerabilities, the Indian government's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued a big warning for the Google Chrome browser users. Google Chrome internet browser is one of the most used browsers in India and the warning has drawn national attention and it also has come with a stern advisory to escape such vulnerabilities. 

As per the advisory, several vulnerabilities have been found in the Google Chrome browser that could be exploited by a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on the targeted system. The global technical giant has advised the users to upgrade their browser to the latest version and the company has already released a fix for these vulnerabilities in its latest software upgrade for the browser. 

Google has reported that 22 types of security fixes have been given in the latest Chrome browser, which works to increase user privacy. In its advisory, CERT-In said, "Multiple vulnerabilities exist in Google Chrome due to Type Confusion in V8, Use after free in web apps, UI, Window manager, screen capture, file API, autofill, and developer tools, Incorrect security UI in autofill, Heap buffer overflow in extensions, BFCache and ANGLE; Type Confusion in loader; Insufficient data validation in loader; Integer underflow in ANGLE and Insufficient validation of untrusted input in the new tab page." 

According to IANS, the government advisory and Google had advised the users to update to the latest version. Google has recently updated the Chrome stable channel for Windows, Mac, and Linux. As the update failure could possibly become the bait for the hackers to hack your phone or computer and to install the malware in them, it's time for you to fix this issue and update your browser to counter this cyberthreat.

For the update, you can open your browser and you can find the three vertical dots in the top right of the page. Click the dots and go to help, where you will find the About Chrome option. Click that to check and update your browser to the latest version. Following the update, it is advised to restart the system or phone and secure your credentials before starting to use the latest version.