In Bihar, it's BJP which got toppled: Explaining Nitish Kumar's game to revolt against the alliance!

For the BJP, which has victimized several parties and governments through its toppling culture, Bihar has presented a different story on Tuesday as the game of revolt played by Nitish Kumar has toppled the BJP from the ruling alliance. The shocking outcast has put BJP in the abysmal as it has lost a major citadel in North India. With the recent political crisis, Bihar is all set to have a new coalition government with the new partnership.

Bihar Chief Minister and Chief of Janata Dal (United), Nitish Kumar announced on Tuesday - August 8 that the alliance with the BJP is over and as speculated, he has joined hands with the rival Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) to form a new coalition. The political developments in Bihar were watched closely by the nation as the game played by Nitish Kumar bowled out the BJP and having been toppled by Nitish Kumar, BJP has lost a state at a high time when the opposition leaders in the state are gearing up to defeat the saffron camp in the national elections. 

After breaking the alliance, Nitish Kumar resigned from the post of Chief Minister as further talks are underway to form a new government. According to PTI, Nitish Kumar has split with the BJP for the second time in eight years. On front of the eroding alliance, the reports say that the relations between the BJP and JD(U) have been worsening for quite some time in the wake of disagreements over several issues including the Agnipath Defence recruitment scam and caste census.

One of the top reasons behind Nitish Kumar's revolt was the recent dismissals by the BJP to his party JD(U). Modi's government has denied the cabinet berth for JD(U) in the cabinet overhaul. Nitish Kumar's party has also denied a Rajya Sabha seat from the BJP last month and all these factors have combinedly contributed to Nitish Kumar's decision to revolt against the alliance with the BJP.

Nitish Kumar on Sunday skipped the crucial seventh governing council meeting of NITI Aayog. Nitish Kumar is not happy with the BJP's Prawas Programme in the 200 Assembly constituencies of Bihar. Nitish Kumar was in a clear mind that through this programme, BJP wanted to give a message that it will contest all the assembly seats in the future elections.

The reports say that Nitish Kumar has ended his alliance with the BJP over the fears that Amit Shah would topple his government in Bihar like in Maharashtra. After deciding to break the alliance with the BJP, Nitish Kumar has met with his MLAs ahead of making an official announcement. It has been reported that the MLAs have said to end the alliance with the BJP. Shortly after breaking the alliance, Nitish Kumar has said that he has resigned from the post of Chief Minister. 

Nitish Kumar has met with Bihar Governor Phagu Chauhan and handed over his resignation. He was accompanied by Bihar's opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav, his brother Tej Pratap - sons of Lalu Yadav and it has been reported that Nitish Kumar has staked a claim to form the government with the backing of Rashtriya Danadal Dal and the Congress. After meeting the Governor, Nitish Kumar said, "I have resigned and I have informed my MLAs about this." 

With the huge switchover, Bihar would see a government formed by the Grand Alliance, consisting of RJD, JD(U), and Congress. After meeting the Governor, Nitish Kumar said, "I came here to meet Governor and gave my resignation. There are 7 parties including 164 MLAs along with Independents in Mahagathbandahan (Grand Alliance)." Nitish Kumar's break-up with the BJP has earned support from the other parties.

Samajwadi party Chief Akhilesh Yadav has said that Nitish Kumar's decision to break alliance with BJP is a good start. Speaking to the reporters after meeting the Governor with Nitish Kumar, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said, "Across the Hindi heartland, BJP does not have any alliance partner, history tells that BJP destroys the parties with whom it forms an alliance. We did see that happening in Punjab & Maharashtra." He further said, "BJP knows only to intimidate & buy people. All of us wanted the BJP's agenda shouldn't be implemented in Bihar, we all know Laluji stopped 'Rath' of Advaniji, we won't relent at any cost." 

On the other hand, Bihar BJP Chief Sanjay Jaiswal said, "We fought the 2020 polls together under NDA, the mandate was for JD-U and BJP, we won more seats despite that, Nitish Kumar was made the CM. Whatever happened today is a betrayal of Bihar's people & the BJP." The BJP's senior leaders including former Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and former Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi have gathered in Patna to discuss the sudden fallout of the party. 

In Bihar, Rashtriya Janata Dal is the single largest party with 79 MLAs in the 242-member assembly. While BJP has 77 MLAs, Nitish Kumar's party has 44 MLAs. To form a government, a party should cross the majority mark of 121 in the assembly. With the current changeover, the RJD and JDU alliance has 123 MLAs and the numbers would go to 142 if 19 MLAs from Congress support the new partnership, while the BJP will be sitting as the opposition.