BJP concedes defeat in Karnataka as Congress triumphs big...Here's the first statement from Basavaraj Bommai!

As the Congress party is making unhinged process towards forming a new government in Karnataka with a landslide victory in the assembly polls, BJP has conceded the defeat in the state. With a huge debacle, BJP has lost the only ruling state in South India and has been washed out from the southern territory. After conceding defeat, BJP leader and outgoing Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai made his first remarks and claimed that the party would come back strong in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. 

The defeat has given a huge blow to BJP, particularly to the Modi juggernaut and the party has failed in its missions of securing 150 seats in Karnataka and changing the trend in the state where Karnataka hasn't voted in the incumbent government for nearly four decades. After conceding the defeat, Basavaraj Bommai said, "In spite of a lot of efforts put in by the Prime Minister and the BJP workers, we have not been able to make the mark." 

He further said, "Once the full results come, we will do a detailed analysis. We take this result in our stride to come back in the Lok Sabha elections." Bommai went on to say that he will take full responsibility for the BJP's defeat in the assembly polls and that the party will function as a responsible opposition in the days to come. 

"Election results are in the final stages. I accept the mandate of the people with utmost respect. I take responsibility for this BJP's defeat, no one else has the responsibility. As the Chief Minister of the state, I take the responsibility. There is a need to do the complete analysis of this defeat, as there are various reasons", Bommai added. 

Basavaraj Bommai, who is expected to resign as the Chief Minister, said that the Congress party's much organised election strategy might have been one of the major reasons for its win. He further said, "We will try to overcome all the shortcomings, organise ourselves, and the party will once again bounce back. We are a national party and will make all the necessary preparations organisationally and administratively to win the Lok Sabha election, by rectifying our mistakes." 

He asserted that the BJP will function as a responsible opposition party in the state. Though he lost his second term as the Chief Minister, the voters in Bommai's constituency of Shiggaon have given another prospect for him in the assembly as he has been elected as Shiggaon's MLA. By thanking the people of Shiggaon for electing him, Bommai said he will work for the development of his constituency. 

On the other hand, Congress party is over the moon as it has recorded a landslide victory with a clear majority. Karnataka has 224 assembly seats and the majority mark is 113. The current trend shows that Congress would secure over 140 seats while BJP would eventually bag around 65 to 70 seats. Karnataka Congress leaders have been extending their gratitude to the voters and as per the reports, it is more likely that veteran Congress leader Siddharamaiah would get elected as the Chief Minister.