A BJP flag is burned down in Tamil Nadu...Here's what happened!

A BJP flag was burned down by unknown people in Tamil Nadu. The incident took place in Tenkasi district and after the visuals rampantly got spread on social media, the local police have launched a probe and investigating to trace and arrest the suspects. 

According to our sources, unknown people have torched the BJP flag near Kadayam in Tenkasi. A bus stop in Chellapillaiyarkulam near Kadayam has the flags of political parties hoisted near it. The flags of several parties including DMK, ADMK, and BJP are installed and on Monday, unknown people have lowered the BJP flag from its pole and burned it. 

After charred it to ashes, the suspects fled the spot and the passersby were shocked over the incident and they shared the visuals on social media. As the visuals sparked furore in the locality, the local police rushed to the spot and inquired about the incident. 

A probe has been launched into tracing out the suspects and the police are questioning the residents to gather the whereabouts of the suspects. The BJP cadres have also urged the police to identify and arrest the suspects for burning down the party's flag. It is pertinent to note that earlier, two people in the same village, under the influence of alcohol, have damaged the pole that carried the BJP flag.