This BJP Minister asks the parents to die after they complained about high fees in schools!

In an awful response to the distressing parents who complained of high tuition fees in the schools, School Education Minister of BJP ruling Madhya Pradesh Inder Singh Parmar had asked them to die. The harsh response had stirred outrage across the state with the activists and opposition parties had demanded the minister to demit his office for failing to address the concerns of the people. 

The video of his response was going viral on social media. According to reports, the parents in Madhya Pradesh have been complaining about the exorbitant school fees in private institutions for a long time. However, it has been reported that no concrete measure was taken to curb the overcharging by the schools. 

As many parents had lost their jobs or endured salary cuts in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, they couldn't able to afford the tuition fees and pay them to the school. Palak Mahasangh, a parents organization in Madhya Pradesh, had decided to meet School Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar and appeal to him to pass the directive to reduce the fees at the private schools. 

The dozens of parents, who are part of the organization, had on Tuesday gone to Parmar'sr residence to meet him. However, after hearing their appeal, the minister had asked him to die. "Maro Jao (Go die)" was the response from the minister to the parents. In a video visual, the parents can be heard saying to the minister, "What we will do...we will die."  

Speaking to a news agency, Kamal Vishwakarma, the president of Palak Mahasangh said, "Though there were many High court's directions, many schools are forcing parents to pay the fee under different heads. The high court has ordered the schools not to collect any other amount from parents other than tuition fees. But several parents have complained about overcharging." 

He stated that many parents had lost their job or endured salary cuts during the lockdown. However, many private schools are not ready to reduce the fees. "Parents have now started sending their kids to government schools instead of costly private schools. We have met the education minister several times but nothing concrete came so far. When we went to meet him on Tuesday at his official residence, he had misbehaved with us."

The minister had invited trouble over his response as several people had slammed him for misbehaving with the parents. The opposition Congress had accused the ruling BJP of being arrogant towards the people. Congress spokesperson Narendra Saluja had demanded the resignation of Inder Singh Parmar and urged Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to take stern action against Parmar.