BJP MLA invites big trouble: His wife files a shocking complaint against him!

In a shocking development, the wife of BJP MLA had accused him of domestic violence, torture, and emotional blackmail. The wife, who is also a civil servant, has moved her complaint to the police and appealed to the law enforcement agency to provide safety for her and her parents as she was harassed by his husband. 

According to reports, Vishal Nehria, the BJP MLA of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh has invited fresh trouble after his wife has complained against him. In a video released on Friday, Nehria's wife, who is the 2019-batch Himachal Pradesh Administrative (HAS) officer, has sought police protection for her own safety as well as the safety of her parents. 

She said that she was abused physically and emotionally by her husband ever since their marriage in April 2021. She said that they got married on April 16, 2021, after she was persuaded by Nehria and his mother.  The couple had been friends in college and they observed an intimate relationship but they had eventually broken up due to Nehria's awful behaviour. 

In the video, she said, "I broke up with him due to his erratic behaviour and I moved on with my life to focus on my career, first as Black Development Officer in 2018 and then HAS officer in 2019. But, when Nehria became an MLA in 2019, he returned to me with a marriage proposal and I had accepted by thinking that he must have changed." 

She has recalled that only after few days after the marriage, she had known that Nehria is not changed and he started torturing her. She said, "I kept quiet and did not tell anyone, even his parents. But he continued to physically and mentally abuse me. He slapped me three times and there are still marks of his fingers on my face." She added that Nehria and his family had been threatening her and she accused his husband of torture and violence. 

Nehria had also started blackmailing her and threatened to kill her. After repeated threats, Nehria's wife had decided to put the domestic violence to light due to which she had spoken against her husband in the video. She added, "I have come back to my parents as I am not safe living with him and his family". 

She further said, "I need the protection and safety of myself and my parents. If Nehria does anything further, I will take appropriate legal action against him." According to reports, the Superintendent of Police of Kangra, Vimut Ranjan has confirmed that the police had received a complaint about domestic violence from Nehria's wife and the superintendent has also confirmed that he had seen the video released by Nehria's wife.