BJP's strong hope and Rajini's new plan...What will the superstar decide?

Tamil Nadu has welcomed 2021 with the affirmation that superstar actor Rajinikanth has curtailed down his decades-long political drama after asserting that he will not enter politics and launch a political party, when he was strongly expected by his fans and members of his outfit over his political stint. His announcement of staying off from politics has come days after he relished his fans that he will launch a political party in January 2021 and will contest in the state assembly polls.

Rajinikanth had on December 29 announced that he will not enter politics which shocked his ardent fans and members of his outfit. However, his announcement had equally shocked the BJP which mulled to have a political breakthrough in Tamil Nadu through Rajini's spiritual politics. The BJP had hoped to sail through Rajini's wave in the state ahead of the assembly polls but the party eventually witnessed the wave stormed the party. 

With expecting Rajini, BJP had been disputing the alliance with the ADMK over the CM candidate as the Central ruling party hoped to join Rajini and usher him as the CM candidate and the fans of the actor were also preparing to welcome the New Year with Rajini's political entry. However, the superstar actor had spoiled the hopes of his fans and BJP after deciding to stay off from politics owing to health reasons. 

Though it had shocked the BJP and the fans, his announcement of ending his political drama had relaxed the state leaders including Edappadi Palaniswami and Stalin to have a two-phased race. As Rajinikanth had closed his political gates, the BJP leaders still have a strong hope that Rajini will voice for the party and would create a political impact in the state as in 1996. From the state leaders to his supporters, Rajini is still surfaced with political expectation largely from the BJP. 

Along with the BJP, the state ruling ADMK is also calling the actor to support the party. According to our sources, the leadership of BJP has recently asked Rajini to issue a statement in support of the party in the legislative elections for which the superstar had asserted that he will decide about that soon. The BJP leaders have incessant hope that Rajini will issue a statement about his spiritual politics in a way that would support the BJP ahead of the assembly polls. 

On the other hand, Rajini's ardent fans who strongly expected his political entry are now bracing up to the fact that their expectations were failed after the actor had buried their hope. While some of the fans had held protests demanding the actor to enter politics, others have been entering various political parties ahead of the assembly polls. 

Recently, most of the members of Rajini Makkal Mandram in Kancheepuram district had joined DMK and the members across the state are joining various political parties. The BJP has been roping in hundreds of members of the outfit who supported the spiritual politics to the BJP and the members in support of the spiritual politics from the districts of Coimbatore, Ramanathapuram, and Tuticorin had officially joined BJP to carry on their politics. 

Amid these political moves, the sources say that Rajini is deeply concerned about his health and he has been drawing a new plan for his medical treatments. According to our sources, Rajini will be traveling to the United States soon for higher treatments and the superstar will be staying in the North American country for over a month. Rajinikanth has been advised by the doctors to ensure that he won't involve in the activities that make him vulnerable to the COVID-19 viral infection. 

The actor was shocked to witness the spread of COVID-19 around him after some of the members of the team of his upcoming movie tested positive for the viral infection when he was at the shooting in Hyderabad. Though he tested negative for the disease, he was hospitalized in the city due to high blood pressure during which the doctors advised him to take complete rest and not to become vulnerable to the pandemic following which Rajini said that he won't enter politics.