'Blue Sattai' Maran invites big trouble: Caught reviewing the movie through 'piracy watch'!

'Blue Sattai' Maran, who has been one of the popular movie reviewers in Tamil Nadu, has invited trouble after he posted his movie review of Christopher Nolan directorial 'Tenet', which is yet to be released in India. He had drawn massive flak from the viewers after what has become apparent evidence of the stronghold of the movie piracy. 

Maran has gained popularity with the ingredients of controversy, criticism, and mixed reactions for his movie reviews. With his signature appearance of wearing a blue shirt during his reviews, he got prefixed as 'Blue Sattai' Maran and he would present a review under the banner of TamilTalkies.Net and his review has got a wider base of the audience that will decide on watching the movies based on his reviews. 

While he would usually surface the review after watching the movies in the theaters, he now went on watch one of the most anticipated Hollywood movies illegally through piracy platforms and came before the camera and posted the review, even before the movie hit the theaters in India, which is one of the largest and wealthy markets for Hollywood in the world. 

The movie that he reviewed was 'Tenet', which was directed by Christopher Nolan, who has raised to fame through his movies 'Inception', 'Interstellar', and 'Dunkirk'.  'Tenet' has been made possible with the huge investments -$200-225 million, and the movie's trailer was recently released that further paced up the exceptions to watch Nolan's next adventure.  

The movie revolves around preventing the start of the third world war. Initially, the movie was scheduled to get released on July 17 across the world. However, the release has got deferred three times owing to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, which further pushed the movie team to endure more challenges in taking the movie to the global reach. On August 26, the movie has got released in seventy countries except for the bigger markets like India and the United States. 

However, the movie team was shocked after the revelation that the piracy platforms had released the movie illegally on the internet. The shocking development has come when the movie is yet to get released in the largest markets like India. The movie fans who were anticipating to see the movie on the big screens had left to shock after knowing that Youtuber 'Blue Sattai' Maran had released his movie review on 'Tenet'. 

In his review, he apparently signaled that he has watched the movie through the piracy website for surfacing his review. His admission on watching one of the most expected movies on the piracy website had stirred controversies and many had condemned the act of promoting his channel and piracy under the name of the movie review. While some had slashed him, others had approached the production house of the movie on his review in India. 


According to the reports, 'Tenet' was produced by Warner Bros, which is also distributing the movie globally. After knowing that Maran had published his review of the movie by watching it illegally, some of the users had directly reported and written to the Warner Bros and the company's Indian unit and they also had disclosed his video. 

Following the complaint, Warner Bros has asserted that it would forward the video to its anti-piracy division for further action, against the Youtuber, as the review of what he hoped that it would invite major reach had boomeranged against him by inviting major trouble. According to the reports, 'Tenet' will be released in India on September 18 and Maran has given a review two weeks ahead of the original movie release.