Blue Sattai Maran vs Censor Board...Why his movie got banned and what's next for him?

"You would have probably realized now about the difficulty of making a movie", some of the users had tweeted this message to popular Tamil movie reviewer Blue Sattai Maran after the Censor Board denied to certify his film, through which he aimed to make a directorial debut. The denial has shocked Maran and the movie crew as they had braced up a flawed beginning. 

'Blue Sattai' Maran has earned popularity through his movie reviews that largely had disturbed the artists and production houses as he would always be surfaced with criticisms and objections to his reviews. Several producers had also voiced against his scathing reviews and fans had also expressed their anger towards him. There were many challenges to him urging him to direct a movie before airing a review. 

Amid such challenges, he had decided to direct a movie and piled crew members. Recently, he had revealed that his movie has been titled 'Anti Indian'. Actors Narain and Radha Ravi have roped in to play the lead roles and the movie was under making. After the shooting, Maran has on April 5 submitted his film to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for review and censor. However, Maran was pushed into a battle as the board has refused to certify his film and it has conveyed its decision to the newbie director on the same day.

The decision of denying the certification has shocked Maran at a high time when he has initiated talks with the OTT platforms to release his movie. According to reports, Maran will now have to approach the revising committee of the CBFC in Chennai, as his next step, to re-consider the board's decision and certify his movie. However, it is still unclear whether it will go friendly for him as the reports say that the complete rejection from the board is the rarest event.

The board would demand the removal of controversial and disputable scenes from the movies or it would ask the movie team to change the title before releasing but the complete rejection of Maran's movie would less likely give him a good directorial debut. Maran had taken charge of the direction, music composing, dialogue, and screenplay of the movie, and his movie is produced by Moon Productions. 

The reports say that such complete rejection would come when the essence of the movie aims to provoke. It also has been reported that Maran's movie carries the current political situation in the country and religious politics in a satirical fashion due to which he was slapped with a ban on his very first movie. The movie's producer Adam Bawa of Moon Productions said, "The Censor board has announced their decision and we will appeal for reconsideration. We hope that the ban will be lifted soon and 'Anti Indian' will be released". 

Illamaran is popularly known as Blue Sattai Maran for using the same colored (Blue) shirt in all his reviews. Speaking to a news agency about the rejection of his movie, Maran said that they had straight away rejected his movie and he will go for an appeal. Meanwhile, several social media users began trolling Maran by stating that he would have probably realized the difficulty behind directing a movie.